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A Step of Faith!

When I was much younger, I used to wish that God should not have created me as a human but as an animal. You know why? When animals are killed, their lives end there without eternity.


It’s funny! Isn’t it?

Did you see/hear that? The fear of eternity made me to think foolishly.

After I discovered my purpose, I kept appreciating God for making me whom I am, without even remembering all the foolish things I said to Him then.

Not until recently, my brother brought a puppy home. The puppy was named ‘Bruno’. All of a sudden, I started having compassion for Bruno whenever it is left outside in the cold, as it refused to be caged.

My compassion and pity for this dog made me to appreciate God once again for creating me in His image and not as an animal. It was then and only then that I remembered those foolish things I said years ago, and instantly, I begged God for forgiveness.

Can you imagine what the ‘Fear of the Unknown’ made me do? It made me an ingrate, not just that, I was a foolish ingrate.


One way or the other, I know you’re guilty of this too; probably you blame God for creating you and making you go through hard times. You blame God because of the eternity in view.

Instead of thinking foolishly like I did, why don’t you chase out the foolish thinking, grab your heart and take it to God for cleansing.

You know why?

If your way is right with Him, then, you won’t be afraid of where and how to spend eternity, because you’ll be sure that your place is by His right hand.

Allow Him into your heart today, and your life will never remain the same.

Furthermore, never you allow the ‘Fear of the unknown’ to dictate who you are, rather give it a punch by taking the bold step of faith.

Do you know what?




Have you ever seen a child take his/her first step? Can you imagine the joy they feel after successfully taking the first step? This joy makes them race up other steps just because they are happy they could take the first step, and they can’t wait to be perfect.

Dear friend, what do you think your first step is?

Damn the unknown and take that step. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Don’t be confused.

Surrender your life to Christ – make that your first step, and all other things will follow as you would be hidden under His wings.

Let God guide your heart.

Face your fears now by picking up your writing materials and begin to write down your imaginations. You never can tell how your weeping ink could change the world.

Remember, it begins with a step.


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14 Replies to “The Bold Step

  1. Thank you lord for creating as human being. I know that am guilt of this in the past, I also say thank you for your faithfulness over my life, you alone deserve the praise.

    More wisdom ma.

  2. Wow…. Thank you Ma.
    Indeed fear of the unknown is one of the greatest enemy to achieving ones purpose. Thank you Lord for creating me in your image.
    More grace Ma

  3. What an inspiring story. It just made me start thinking. Thank you servant of the most high. The first step I will take.

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