Written by: Olapade Oluwapelumi Phillip


What is life?
What is people’s definition of life?
What do you see life to be?

These questions above are interesting questions that will enable you to know the real meaning of life. Providing answers to the questions of what life entails will give you insights about what life really mean. People have various definitions to the subject matter which is ‘life’.


The definition ranging from one opinion to another, some people see life as a world where dreams are to be achieved. Dreams are inbuilt potentials that reside in individuals. These potentials can only be maximized if you are able to dig out these potentials.


To some people, the moment they are able to fulfill their dreams they believe that life is worth living. Whereas, some other people who fail to maximize their potentials are the people that complain bitterly about life. These people see life as being unfair because the more they try to do something meaningful with their lives, the more difficult it becomes for them.


In an attempt to have the right view or perspective of life, there are some certain things that must considered in order not to fail in attempting what life entails. As I continue in this analogy, I want you to put this in your mind; life is as dynamic as human beings are. That is why we must not be fast to conclude about life because of its dynamism. One’s knowledge of the subject matter varies.


I want you to know that life is a challenge. As an individual that wants to succeed in life, you must have it at the back of your mind that this life is filled with challenges. The way you handle or tackle every challenge that comes your way in life will determine what life will turn to be for you, either good or bad. On this note, I’ll tell you to face all challenges of life, because if you fail to face them, then don’t be surprised that the challenges will chase you.


Those successful people that are being celebrated year-in year-out were once faced with challenges of life but they didn’t run away from them. If they had ran away from those challenges like you do, then nobody will celebrate them today. Therefore, I implore you to rise up to your challenges. Face them!


You have ran more than enough. Don’t you think it is time to be courageous and face those challenges in order to be successful like these celebrated dignitaries in the society.


Life is a goal that you must be achieved. In the business term, goal simply means the objectives or target that an organization sets to achieve within a speculated time. In order to live a fulfilled life, you must achieve the purpose of which you were sent to this world.


The next question should be ‘how can I achieve these goals or objectives’? You can only achieve these objectives through the help of God. Without God there is nothing that you can do. It is written in the Scriptures that “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”. Do you know that many of the things you run after in life are not actually paramount?

You’ll all agree with me that it is recorded in the Scriptures that “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you”. The word of God is forever sure but the problem here is that we hardly obey the word of God. If you can trust in God and seek His kingdom first, then all those things that you struggle to achieve, will become easy for you to achieve through Christ Jesus.


If you’re yet to discover your purpose in life, then, you’ll probably be seeing life from a difficult angle. As a goal getter, I implore you to strive to become an achiever in order to have a less difficult life and that means you must discover your purpose first.


Life is precious, keep it. Someone may be wondering about this, but you will agree with me that life is precious. Life is full of different things that makes it worth living. There are times that things happen to you and you’ll be surprised of what life threw at you, don’t be surprised, it happens.


Life is limited, make wise use of it. Life is limited due to the fact that “no condition is permanent”, the limitedness of life depends solely on how you handle it. The limitedness of life presents to you different opportunities and how well you make use of these opportunities determine how sensitive you are.

I will advise you to grab every opportunity that presents itself before you in order not to blame yourself at end.


Life is also a school that you must attend. When I mentioned ‘a school’ I know a lot of things will run through your mind. Like you know, a school is an educational institution where learning takes place. School and life are inseparable, the importance of school cannot be over emphasized. Life is a school that you must attend in order to be knowledgeable.


You know that before a student becomes certified, he/she must pass through some stages or processes. There are times he/she needs to attend lectures, sit down for personal reading and there are times he/she needs to sit for examinations. None of these aforementioned processes can be skipped by a student who wants to graduate excellently.

In regards to life; you must be patient enough to learn the lessons that life wants to teach you without boycotting any of the learning processes. Whatever situation you’re going through right now, though it might be very difficult but the good news is that the situation is preparing you for the greatness ahead. Therefore, I implore you to keep focusing on the great mark and not to look back.


Life is a race win it. This life is a race and you must win it. The only way that you can win the race of life is through determination. The great personalities that are continually celebrated were able to win their races due to self determination. If you ask them, of course, thy will tell you their success stories. It is only champions that people will celebrate, no one wants to reckon with a failure. Hence, for you to win the race, then, don’t stop focusing. Even when there is a million reason to quit, keep pushing up until you come out victoriously.


I want you to know that life is an experience. In all the above analyses, it will interest you to know that they are experiences that life give to us. Life gives every individual different knowledge. There is a saying that ‘we learn everyday’. Make sure you have all the experiences of life that will be useful for you to deal with the issues or challenges of life that are ahead of you.


Life is full of pleasures. Hence, you must be sensitive whenever you enjoy the pleasures of life. However, don’t be carried away with the pleasures in life so that life won’t be hard for you after the whole enjoyment of life. You must know how to utilize your time. To every individual, time is very crucial; time wasted can never be regained. Life is full of fun, have fun with your head opened.


Life is full of ups and downs, be patient with it.
I was privileged to speak to one of my friends, I asked her about life. She said “life is unpredictable; that in this life you can’t predict what will happen next”.


Can you see that life is very difficult to explain? Just be careful about life, because it can be very hurtful if you are not patient with it.


From the above analogies, you will agree with me that;
Life is a challenge, face it.
Life is a goal, achieve it.
Life is precious, keep it.
Life is limited, make wise use of it.
Life is a school, attend it.
Life is a race, win it.
Life is an experience, have it.
Life is full of pleasure, enjoy it.
Life is full of ups and downs, be patient with it.


All the above analysis will help you to define life. Not only will it help you define life, it will also give you the right perspective about life and it will guide you to achieve your potentials in life.

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  1. Life is limited, make wise use of it. In the school of life, grab every opportunity that presents itself before you in order not to blame yourself at end.

  2. “Life is full of so many ups and down,be patient with it .
    Very Inspiring .Keep it Up Bro .

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