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Shall I tell you a story?


There was this white man who lived abroad.
For the purpose of this story, I’ll name him Mr. Gabriel. He was wealthy and famous. He was too kind to a fault. He was always giving generously.

Out of His generosity, he sent his first son – Mr Promise to travel to another continent. He sent him there to go and show kindness to people that were imprisoned, battered and shattered because of one or two crimes they committed, plus they had no one to stand or speak for them.

When he got there, he did all the father asked of him. Provided the needs of the less privilege, defended the defenseless, cared for the widow. He did everything without reservations.

The Father was always with his son, I mean, they were connecting live via CCTV; 24/7.

There was nothing that his son did which he wasn’t aware of.

It came to a time that a guy – Swaggy by name, stole some few cash from a rich man’s purse, probably he was hungry. This thief was arrested and convicted; he was being escorted to jail with his hands and legs beautifully decorated with cuffs.

But Mr. Promise couldn’t stand the sight of this punishment; then, he volunteered to take the place of Swaggy that had committed different atrocities. He got to know that Swaggy has been like that for a while, he committed different atrocities ranging from stealing to raping to killing. Yet, Mr. Promise was bent on taking his place.

But Swaggy refused to allow Mr. Promise to take his punishment, he blatantly refused to allow another man suffer for the sins he had committed.

After much plea, Swaggy allowed Mr. Promise to take his place.

This innocent man was tortured, battered, more than how the guilty man would have been tortured. It was like people deliberately tortured him, they saw him as someone who came to show off or brag about his power, wealth and affluence. Hence, they multiplied the punishment.

At some point Swaggy stoned him and spat on him. Perhaps, he had forgotten that the stranger was going through what he would have gone through.

Yet, the innocent man uttered no word, he bore everything because his Father’s attribute of generosity was very much in him.

During the difficult moment, the father refused to utter any word of consolation to his son. The father looked away when he couldn’t bear to see the agony his son was going through.


At that point, Mr. Promise was all alone with no one to console him. He shed blood and water all for the crime another man committed.


Few hours later, he gave up the ghost. However, the good news is that the Father raised him on the third day.


I bet you know whom I’m referring to by now.


Mr. Gabriel is God the Father while Mr. Promise is Jesus Christ His son.


By the way, do you know that at some point you have or had behaved like Swaggy who committed many atrocities, yet when He had someone that suffered for him, he went ahead to spit on the person.


How many times have you spat on Christ?


Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean spitting on Him literally. I mean whenever you commit a sin, you’re spitting and nailing Him to the cross again.


If you think you’re a moralist with a complete good character, have you accepted His death on the Cross of Calvary? C’mon, He died that you might live, not just that, that you might live abundantly.


The devil would have destroyed your life if He hadn’t taken your place over two thousand years ago.


What are you saying to Him today?


I am saying, thank You, Sir for taking my place and for bringing abundant life to me.


Now let’s sing this song 🎼🎼🎼:


He loves me I cannot say why.


He loves me I cannot say why…


On Calvary’s tree,


He suffered for me,


He loves me I cannot say why.

His love for you made Him go through all for you. Not that alone, presently, He is interceding for you. He is praying for you at all time.


If I were you, I will appreciate Him by turning away from my bad deeds and surrendering my life totally to Him.


Let’s sing again 🎼🎼🎼:


All to Jesus, I surrender

All to Him I freely give..

I will ever love and trust Him

In His presence daily live

I surrender all…

I surrender all…

Until thee my blessed Saviour,

I surrender all.


Please, turn away from that sin of stealing, abusing, fornication, adultery, idolatry, slandering, backbiting e.t.c and follow Christ because He has a better offer for you.


Make Him glad over you today, by surrendering everything for Him.


God bless you.


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  1. Thank you Jesus for paying the price I couldn’t pay, you are my Savior and Lord.
    More grace sis, thanks for sharing.

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