Happy New Month

Good morning Pal!


Let’s jump for joy!

We made it!!! 💃💃💃

Congratulations sir/ma, 🤝🤝🤝


See, I know you’ve been praying a lot since the year began and it seems your prayers are not being heard, not to talk of being answered.


Cheer up dear!


I brought great news for you from the throne of grace.


Congratulations, You Made It Into The Month Of Manifestations To Your Prayers.


Did I miss an AMEN?


The Lord says I should tell you that, this month, Miracles Await You.


It is now left for you to grab them with both hands.


C’mon! Don’t allow those spirits of fear and doubt to rob you of your miracles.


Receive them with joy, for I speak with the Voice of Faith!


Receive Your Miracles in Jesus name… Amen

Happy New Month

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