I welcome you all to this interview session with Crown.

Seated for this interview session is Miss Crown and Mr. Joseph!

I bet you have a whole lot to learn from this interview, please, ride with us and please, don’t forget to give us the feedback of how you’ve been blessed by this session. God bless you as you comply.


C: Good afternoon, sir.

I am Edet Crownofglory from Crowninspires studio, a subdivision of Crownofglory Inc.

Nice to meet you, sir.

You’re welcome to our studio, sir. (Exchanges handshake)


J: Thanks for the opportunity. I am honored.


C: Sir, can we meet you, please?

J: I am Joseph Ejeomo. I am the founder and CEO of GreenPoint; a technology and digital company that provides solutions to Africa’s biggest problems through technology and innovations. I am also a speaker, coach, trainer and an author of nine (9) books.


C: Wow! That’s great! You’ve really gone far.

J: Yes, all glory to God.

C: Amen!


C: What religion do you practice?

J: I am a Christian. I attend Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel).

C: Wow! That’s good to know.


C: Can you share your salvation experience with us?

J: I thank God for the salvation of my soul. I gave my life to Christ during my service year in Osun State. At a point where I had to find my way through life, I knew God was all I need. After I gave my life to Him, I just knew that experience will mark a turning point for me. At a point when I had to give up, He said “Write This Vision Down. This Is What Will Announce You.” I knew I was on the right path.

C: Wow! That was great. I bless God for the salvation of your soul.


C:Where are you from?

J: I am from Edo state. I am from Oke Old Ora in Owan West Local Government of Edo state.

C: That’s cool.


C:How was childhood like?

J: I was born into the family of eight; four boys and four girls and I am the last. My dad died when I was five years old. It was tough for the family. Mum had to bear everything but still she made sure we had everything. She was a very strict and disciplined person (Maybe that is where I picked that quality from).

We didn’t get the chance to play around or do things that other kids did when we were young. This is because Mum’s eyes would always be on us. We can’t even visit or go out, she would come looking for you. (I think that indoor lifestyle grew up with me now. Because I hardly visit or go out).

I am this indoor guy. My childhood was also fun because she allowed me do what I love doing then; playing football. Though, at some point she was against it, but when she knew I had passion for it, she had no choice than to let me be; I intended to become a footballer. Well, my childhood  was fun and strict at the same time. (smiles)

C: That was cool. Thank God for mama. Some of our mothers are very stern when it comes to disciplining a child.


C: Are you married?

J: I am single.


C: That’s good to know. By the way, how do you deal with advances from ladies or don’t you receive any?

J: Well, if I say they don’t come I would be lying. They do. But as someone who always get in touch with the female folks, some are fans and admirers of my work, while some just want something serious. But I know when to draw the line. I learn to separate their attention from business in order not to loose focus.

C: That’s wonderful! You must always know when and where to draw the curtains.


C: When exactly did you discover your purpose and how?*

When I was serving in Osun state, some group of young youths came to speak to us. I was moved and touched. Then, I told myself, if young people like this could be making impact and touching lives, then I need to also discover what I am here for. As at then, I have this burning desire to help people especially youths to develop the leader within them.

I want to help a lot of youths by leading them to where they want to be. So I established my first organization GreenPoint Africa to do that. Till date GreenPoint Africa still raise leaders for global relevance. It was a vision given from above and for over 3 years now we are running with it. Thank God it has spread to other African countries.

This happened when I went for the National Youth Service (NYSC) in Osun in 2014. That experience birth what I am today.

C: That’s is wonderful!


C: How are you able to combine your social life with your physical plus your spiritual life?

I learn to manage and prioritize my time. I know when to allocate time to each of those things. Also in regard to business and work, I have a great team who make sure I also spend time on other things like my social and spiritual life.

C: Really? That’s why it isn’t encouraging to walk/work alone. You know the Liver Pool’s slogan?

J: Yea. “You will Never walk alone”

C: Yea.

By the way, which Football Club do you support?

J: I’m a Chelsea fan.

C: Are you for real? I’m also a fan!

J: Wow! That’s cool to know.

C: That’s by the way.


C: How did you come about the name GreenPoint Africa?

J: GreenPoint Africa is one brand or subsidiary under GreenPoint. The name GreenPoint was given by a friend when I was serving. Then, when I established the company, I was looking for a nice name to give it. I was looking at names that sound foreign like WestSide Consult, Palmside Global and the likes. And one day he came to me and said why don’t we name it GreenPoint? I said what does that name mean. He said “‘GreenPoint’ is that point where everything becomes new. It is that turning point in your career and business.” I said this is cool. So the name stuck.

C: Kudos to that friend of yours.


C: Generally, what is GreenPoint Africa all about?

J: GreenPoint Africa is a leadership training and development organization with branches and teams in 7 African countries. It is that branch of GreenPoint that is responsible for training, coaching, mentoring and developing leaders who in turn raise other leaders for global relevance. It is also the host of the famous GreenPoint Coaching and Mentoring Programme (GCMP).

C: What influenced rapid growth?

J: God!

Then, I would say Excellence and Commitment. I am this type of person that likes projects or works done to be 100% perfect. Let’s say I am a perfectionist and my team know me for that. I can reject a design or work for ten times – they know me for that.

I believe to be the best, you just give me the best. Also you need to provide solutions that will make your brand stand out. So those two factors are the main reasons.


C: Has there ever been a time you wanted to give up?*

J: Many times, especially when I started this. It got to a point I thought I was wasting my time. I said let me just settle for a paid job and forget this. But you know what they say? Your vision if given by God will always come calling. So the passion and vision keeps me going.

C: That’s true. You can never have rest of mind except you move towards His call.


C: How many countries is GreenPoint Africa known?

J: GreenPoint Africa is in 7 countries; Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Liberia, Tanzania, Benin Republic and Ghana. We hope to spread to other African countries soonest.

C: God will grant your heart desires in Jesus name.

J: Amen. Thank you, ma’am.


C: What is your source of inspiration?

J: I get my inspiration from God, people, my environment, life and nature.


C: How do you feel to be a celebrated icon?

J: It shows I am on the right path and I am adding value and providing solutions to problems. So I am proud and happy about that.

C: That’s good. Once you’re living in line with His purpose, the joy will always be there.


C: What’s your vision about GreenPoint Africa come 2030?*

I would want GreenPoint Africa to be in at least 25 African countries. Not just that but to also transform over 2,000,000 lives and build leaders across these countries. Also we would host seminars across those countries to raise more leaders for the development of Africa.

C: That’s so thoughtful of you, sir. More grace in Jesus name.

J: Amen


C: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?*

J: want to be the face of solutions. I want to be the leader who raise other leaders. I want to provide solutions to Africa’s biggest problems. I want to be the face of hope to the less privileges.

C: Wow! That’s a great aspiration. I’m challenged!


C: Do you have mentors?

J: Yes, I do.

They are Strive Masiyiwa of Econet Group, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Drew Houston of DropBox. These are few people I look up to but on deep mentorship connection. My mentor is Victor Abang and Sunil Kumar.

C: Okay! It is always good to have role models you look up to.


C: What’s your favourite quote, sir.

J: Those who take advantage of their advantage, get the advantage in this world.


C: Hmmmn! I must take my advantage. Thank you, sir for that quote, it means a lot.

J: You’re welcome, ma’am.


C: What words will you leave for the youths who are looking up to be like you in the nearest future?

J: They should find purpose and God. For me these two are the biggest to live a life of meaning.


C: What’s your advice to youths who are afraid of making the first step?

J: They should start with where they are, what they have and with themselves. No one promises it is going to be easy, so they should trust their process and be ready to fail but they should rise and grind again. Failure is a must in the journey to greatness.


C: How can you assist those who want to approach you but are kind of fearful?

J: Truth is, I am a very playful person sometimes. I also hate to ignore people, no matter how busy I am. So I would say they should feel free to approach me. I would give them the attention they want.

C: Hello great minds, did you hear or read that. You’re free to contact Mr. Joseph, he is a down to earth man and ever attentive.



C: Sir, it was nice having you in our studio today. We’re so grateful.

J: The pleasure is mine. Wow! This looks like I am on a hot seat.. (Laughs). But I really appreciate you for having me here.


C: Hahahaha! I’m sorry for that sir. Anyways, thank you for honouring our invite, we’re honoured.

J: You are doing a great job. Keep it up. God bless you.

C: Amen! Thank you sir.


C: To our amiable audience, it was a great time having Mr. Joseph Ejeomo in our studio today. You’ve heard it all, with God you can reach any length in life.

Please, stay tune till we come your way next time on the Interview Session with Crown.


However, don’t forget to drop your feedbacks in the comment section.


Bye for now!

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  1. Beautiful!!!😊
    I read carefully and I must say your story and life journey is very motivating.
    God’s inspiration is key to a Successful path and I can see you making waves than what and where you are now Sir!

    Thank You so much Mr. Joseph Ejeomo for those motivating words.
    Very impactful I must say.

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