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From the bottom of my heart, I APPRECIATE God, my Creator for His benevolence on me.

I want to also APPRECIATE everyone who deemed it fit to celebrate me on my New Year, you all shall be celebrated in due season.

Honestly, I am tempted to mention names but these names are to powerful and numerous to mention. Yet, I say Abasi, Obong meh nbong, Edisana Abasi, Kabiyesi, Olodumare, Obangiji Yesu, Chineke, e.t.c. I adore You.

To the glory of God, yesterday was the first birthday I celebrated in the wisdom of God and it was the best so far.

Yesterday started blissfully and gloriously. Trust the devil nah, at some point, I felt deserted, disappointed and discouraged but along the line, I was gifted with the gift of DETERMINATION.

Aside celebrating my birthday, I needed to take HD pictures for my personal and public usages and yesterday was the only opportunity I had. “Who then shall accompany me” became an issue.

Those that know me well know I rarely go out ALONE. Please, don’t ask me what will happen during my wedding ceremony; I have a bestie.

This time, my bestie wasn’t available to go out with me. I called some other quarters, yet no response.

Then, I took the bull by the horn and dragged it to the studio. I decided to take the pictures by fire by force, else, no other day would be pleasing for it because literally, I don’t go out.

At the studio, I was persuaded at intervals to lend a smiling face. You know why? I was occasionally in deep thoughts.

Then, I received a call from “my will” whom I had called earlier. He told me to stop the shoot and come down to his office as he was going to take me out together with “my bf”. See the command sha.

I grudgingly obeyed and boarded a motorbike straight to his office. Afterwards, the so called Associate; my brother from another mother, surfaced. After giving me a terrible disturbance, he later took me out for a “local treat” (please no tell am o.) I sha enjoyed myself.

And there came “my bf”, and that was how I found myself in the midst of three handsome guys (sisters of these brothers should pardon me biko, na borrow pose I do).

Without wasting time, we got there and the precious treatment began. These guys are funny; they almost gave me torn lips, I laughed and forgot the time.

To the glory of God, God used these guys to lighten my day, they made my day beautiful and glorious.

It was an experience I won’t forget in a jiffy and I’ll tell my bro to appreciate you all duly. God bless you all bountifully.

Aside: If you help me see that my brother from another mother, please help me beat am wella. He is the one on a flowered shirt.

In actual fact, I am grateful to everyone both online and offline who lightened my day with different sparks. Some people went as far as using my picture as their their DPs, FB stories and some celebrated me with their words on different platforms and groups, God bless you all.

Yesterday, I realized that there are some things we can’t achieve when we fold our arms and await Mannas to fall. We need to achieve some things through determination, not minding what the noise at the market is but focusing on the distributor.

We just have to focus on God and then press forward, not minding the distractions from the devil.

In all things dearest, you must put God first and He will gift you the strong will to be successful. Success shall always be ours in Jesus name… Amen

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