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This BAHMIlistic spirit is sha pushing me about.


I left BAHMI better than I joined the Academy. Shall I begin to narrate my ordeal? Oh no! This space won’t be sufficient.


Let me sha tell you small.
I was so shy with bundles of indecisive spirit in me, though, I am still shy but indecision is gone.

After one of the sessions handled by Mr. Hassan Taiwo, I had a RETHINK. I went back to have a chat with him privately. I asked questions and he attended to me effectively.

Dear friends, afterwards, my mind had a paradigm shift. The shift was so heavy that it affected the settings in my mind and it began to move me. I have the self confidence to face what I would previously run away from.


One day, I was by the road side awaiting a motorbike when one tricyclist parked beside me and what I heard was “iyawo mi, wole je kaa lo”, my wife come in let’s go.

The BAHMI spirit came inside me instantly, I said “Baba mi o ki n se iyawo yin” Baba I’m not your wife; he was an elderly man. I said it bluntly without mincing words, and he said “point of correction” thank you for correcting me.

Can you imagine? The baba went further to press the trouble button and the BAHMI spirit was solidly with me. The next he said was “Iyawo say hi to your iyaale – senior wife”. The supposed ” Iyaale” sat comfortably at the back of the tricycle smiling. I faced him and told him that I am not married neither am I a second wife and I can’t be a second wife.


The tricyclist asked where I was going, and I told him. Then he clapped and said “come and sit beside me.” He made space immediately for me but I was still adamant with my refusal. I told him I was awaiting a motorbike, he insisted that I should come in.

I didn’t have to summon courage before I asked him “Baba is it by force? I’m late already so I want to board a motorbike that will convey me straight to the place I’m going”, I said that in Yoruba language.


The next thing he said was I should say farewell to my “iyaale” I just said “Mama odabo, ma” and that was how the man went away and left me to have my peace.


You can imagine the saying; “trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am”.


At another point, same day, I went to use the ATM machine. The security guy directed me to use a machine different from the one I wanted to use. I obeyed and used the machine gently and quietly.

Unfortunately, what I saw was “Temporary Unable to Display Cash”. Instantly I ejected my card, then I told the guy what happened because he wasn’t looking towards my direction. He looked surprised and doubtful, he told me to try it again. This time the BAHMILISTIC spirit in me refuted. I felt my head dancing on my head in a way of saying a ‘vehement’ no to him.

I moved over to the other ATM machine without waiting for any approval from him, and phew! It was successful.

If it were to be the old me, I would have accepted to use the ATM machine again, thereby having my ATM card swallowed by the machine.

The essence of this article is to tell you that a whole lot happens in BAHMI which will mould you into a better version of you.


And by the way, like Mr. Hassan Taiwo said “thinking is a hard to do., but it pays.” It takes a lot of thinking for you to be a better you. Don’t allow people to abuse your emotions, you have the power to your decisions. It’s either you say ‘yes or no’, the choice is yours. Please, don’t die in silence.


Remember the Bible states in Isaiah 30:21 (KJV) “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

Whenever you’re confused on what decision to make, consult Him and He will speak. However, whenever He speaks be ready to receive and obey His instructions.


Invest in your mind today; through reading and studying the word of God and attending trainings/seminars, and your life will never remain the same.


Note: God Controls You Through Your Mind; Most of Your Decisions Come From Making Up Your Mind.

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