Here is an interview session between two of my colleagues in the De-Raconteurs Writers’ Club, read through and be blessed and inspired.


This interview is about a 12 year old girl who happens to be a great writer, she was interviewed as the Raconteur of the Week

We welcome you to another session of the Raconteur of the Week.



Today, we have Ruth Oluwaseyi Areo as our guest. She came out as the third position in the second edition of De-raconteur Writing Course.



Relax and enjoy the interview.



Interviewer: Let’s meet you, ma’am,



Ruth: My name is Areo Ruth Oluwaseyi. An SSS 1 student at Omolaja Sodipo Memorial Anglican School. I enjoy reading and writing.

I’m 12years old. My zeal for writing was birthed through my reading habit that made me discover that words can be beautifully crafted to pass messages across.

I have received awards of excellence as the best student in English language and French language respectively. Recently, I was awarded the second-best student for the just concluded JSSCE examination, and also the best in French language.

I hope to be another Fanny Crosby someday.



Interviewer: Wow. That’s beautiful!

Can you tell us how your writing journey started?



Ruth: Well, it started from a very young age when I would just scribble down anything that comes to my mind. Be it a short play or poem.



Interviewer: Amazing! You must have had someone who noticed your writing ability. I was awed when I read the book that got you the third position in the 2nd edition of De-raconteur Writing Course (DWC).



Ruth: Yes, you are right. My elder sister noticed and that was why she registered me in the De-Raconteur Writers’ College.



Interviewer: So, how has been the journey so far?



Ruth: By God’s grace, good.



Interviewer: How do you feel being a Christian Writer?



Ruth: Great! Because I’m writing for God under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.



Interviewer: Has there been any challenge ever since you started writing?



Ruth: Hmm, not really because I’m still in the process of being a prolific writer.



Interviewer: Wow.
How have you been able to manage studying, doing classwork, assignments and writing together?



Ruth: Well, I have a timetable for myself indicating the number of hours I spend on my school work and the number of hours I spend writing and I adhered strictly to it.



Interviewer: Awesome! That’s discipline..
How many hours do you write in a day?



Ruth: 30 minutes at least and 1 hour 30 minutes at most.



Interviewer: For you to stick to writing consistently, you must have been inspired. How do you get inspiration?



Ruth: I get inspired by reading from other people.



Interviewer: That’s a good thing, Miss Ruth. Do you have a platform where people can have access to your writings?



Ruth: Not yet but I hope to have one.



Interviewer: So which style of writing do you prefer?



Ruth: I like all writing styles equally.



Interviewer: What are your aspirations and goals in life?



Ruth: To be the person God wants me to be.



Interviewer: Nothing beats that kind of aspiration. So Miss Ruth, What does success mean to you?



Ruth: I see success as failure without loss of enthusiasm



Interviewer: How has your stay at De-raconteur Writers’ College been?



Ruth: It’s been great being around people who have the same passion as you. I’m enjoying my stay.



Interviewer: Miss Ruth, what’s your favorite Bible verse and why?



Ruth: Romans 12:11 “Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord”
It encourages me to be zealous in everything I do.



Interviewer: I’m sure there are many young writers out there. Some are not even sure of their path, what’s your word for them?


Ruth: Seek God’s guidance and when you find your path, be consistent. Consistency matters.



Interviewer: Thank you, Miss Ruth.

You’re greatly loved.



Ruth: The pleasure is mine







Hello there!


Here is an advice from Crownofglory; please and please, whenever you notice a unique thing about your children, siblings or anyone in your care, do well to encourage the person by getting him/her the right coach/mentor that will help refine that virtue that the Lord has bestowed in the person, and the testimony will leave your mouth agape.


It is always amazing when you see these children learning something extremely wonderful from their prime. Hence, together, let’s CATCH THEM YOUNG.

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