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Come to think of it, today is the International Women’s Day Celebration. I’ve got to celebrate the victories I possessed in Christ Jesus.


Have I ever told you that I was molested many times as a girl -child? These molestations were done by neighbours and family friends. Did I tell anyone? As at then, I couldn’t tell anybody, not even my mum.


There was also a time that as a lady, I was almost raped by someone who calls himself a pastor.



Do you know why all these happened? They happened because I allowed them. They happened because my self esteem was beneath the low point. I mean my self esteem was not even up to low. I was so shallow minded.



I am so ashamed to open this can of worms but then, I was directed to do this so that others will come out of their shells and possess the victories that are in Christ Jesus.



One of the molesters would give me few pieces of egg just to molest me. Oh my God! How I so regret everything.



Before I met Christ, whenever I remember this, I’d rain curses on these men and their children – girls, especially the one who happens to be our family friend. I wished his daughter would face what he made me face. Some men are wicked.



To the glory of God, I met Christ Jesus and unto Him I surrendered my life. He made me to understand that I have to let go of the pain and hurt that were safely locked deep in my heart, and to forgive the man. Oh mine! Though painful but I forgave him and nullified the curses. Yet, he isn’t remorseful about it.



It was last year that I had the guts to tell my mum. Truly, I disappointed her by not telling her when my dad was alive but then, it wasn’t deliberate. I didn’t want to cause dispute between them.


Why am I sharing this?



It is to celebrate the power of a woman. It is to celebrate the lady I have become today and the woman I’ll become tomorrow. This is to also encourage as many young girls who are still in their shells, to break the shell and come forth.



Do not allow anyone to toil with your body and your emotions.
I was once there and it hurts me deeply whenever I look back to those years. Most of it happened because of my selfishness. I wasn’t contented with my parents’ love and care.



Are you like me? Please come out!



Embrace Christ and your life will never remain the same.



You Never Can Tell If This Is Your Last Chance.



Don’t allow that wo/man to threaten you. Don’t allow that boy to threaten you.



You may want to give me an excuse that yours is worse than mine. Are you pregnant or have you aborted like five times already? Come, His grace is sufficient unto all.



Do you know what the Bible says? In Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”



My dear, please step out of that scarlet and run into Christ’s open hands. He is ready to embrace and receive you. I was just like you before I allowed Christ to wash and make me clean.



If you’re taking this bold step today, then slide into my inbox let’s meet Christ together, thereafter, we shall celebrate the power of Women.



If you’re a man or woman out there and you see things like these but you ignore them, then you’re not doing well. Sister, brother, please arise and make a move to save the girl – child, ladies and women from molestations. I know boys are somehow molested too. Go out there and save them.



If you’re also there as a woman molesting a girl, that isn’t the best thing to do. Please, hands off before Christ arrests you. Remember the Bible says in Lamentations 5:7 (KJV) “Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities.”┬áIs this the kind of inheritance you want to leave behind for your children? Make a U – turn now before it is late.



Have you heard of Oprah Winfery? If no, search for the name on google, then read up about her. She made it to the pinnacle of success despite all the devil made her go through just to destroy her destiny. Today, we celebrate her. Do you know that God created women specially? We always have the power to fight our way to the top despite restrictions.


Happy International Women Day.



I celebrate myself, my mother and every vigorous woman out there who made it despite all odds.



I am happy and proud of the lady I have become. It can only be Christ.



A lot really happened but in all I give God the glory.



To those who feel I have disappointed them by sharing my story, sweethearts I am sorry.



To those who feel disappointed by the life I lived, I am sorry, it wasn’t intentional.



NB: If I have the chance to rewrite my story, I’ll re-write it without stains.



To you that young girl, come on, don’t be enticed by your friends.



Come let’s meet Jesus together. I’ll lead you to Him.



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Happy International Women’s Day

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