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To me, year twenty twenty came with lots of goals, plans, wishes and ambitions. Out of which, I planned to learn, relearn and unlearn.



To the glory of God, I have been doing that in my little capacity. Although, it hasn’t been easy, I must confess.



Now, allow me to share a good news with you.



Sometime last month, I registered for an online mentorship training, and out of the benevolence of the goal doctor, he admitted me into his mentorship institution FOC, I mean Basil Henry Mentorship Institution (BAHMI).


At first, I was overwhelmed with the messages on the group, just because I didn’t begin the program when others began. The messages were compiling for me, to the point that I had over one thousand messages from that group alone.



Frankly, I was frustrated because I was busy with offline work. Besides, that wasn’t my plan from the on set. I intended to be evidently active, but then life happens.



After many days of being dormant in the group, the Director, the person of Mr. Basil Henry who happens to be my friend, chatted me up and told me that I haven’t been active in the group. I told him I was busy. Then, he asked if I’ll wait for the next cohort. I had already missed the first cohort because I lost track of time until the registration closed and now he wants me to take some chill pills? Oh no!



I told him that I AM NOT A DROP OUT. Immediately, he told me he didn’t mean that, and apologized for saying that. It was funny sha but I didn’t mean to capitalise that sentence, but I had to make him understand that it is not part of me. By the way, I have been using this to encourage myself.



At another time, another dear friend and sister who happens to be the Administrator of the institution chatted me up and told me my subgroup was waiting for. We had a project to carry out.



I took the bull by the horn, sacrificed my time, sleep and other online activities and started going through the messages from day one. I asked the Administrator if I could send my assignments directly to her so as not to distract the teachings on going in the group, she agreed. Then, I took out time and started attending to both my subgroup and the main group.



That night I didn’t sleep until past three in the morning, because I went through all the teachings from each speaker. You Know You Have To Pay A Great Price In Order To Win A Great Prize.


One of the assignments was for me to list names of coaches I’ll like to connect with before the month runs out, which I did.



In my subgroup, roles were assigned to us regarding our project, we were given deadline to bring in our summation about the project.


We met and brainstormed, we brought back our submissions. All this while, my head was almost tearing apart, too much work load was colliding in my head already. Yet, giving up was a no go area for me.



After submission, I told my partners that we needed to rearrange some things in our project so we could top the table. I hate losing. I was given the free hand to do the necessary adjustment, however, I declined presenting because I had health challenge then.


To the glory of God, our rep went out with designing the cover of our project, and then some slides to make the presentation easy. Boom! With her voice notes, our presentation was beautiful – we had the most bulky project.


To cut short this story, my two weeks stay at BAHMI is something that keeps on causing my heart to gallivant. I learned a lot and I’m glad I took the bull by the horn and not the tail.



To the glory of God, we topped the table and got awarded for having the best project/presentation.


I must once again appreciate the Director of BAHMI, Mr. Basil Henry, the Administrator, Miss. Confidence Chukwuemeka Ijeoma and the Auditor, Mr. Hollis E. Idabor (Uncle Grab Sense; one man with fire).



By the way, to those who are conversant with the title I use beneath my article, to the glory of God, I got an award to that effect. I was awarded “The Most Influential Ambassador”.


Honestly, I never expected it. Thereafter, out of curiosity, I went back to the Director and asked him for the criterion used to determine the award and he gave me the list with some explanations.



Wow! I glorify God. Indeed, it was not easy but it was worth it.


Before now, I have been investing so much in myself that people keep asking me when I’ll start reaping fruits from my investment. The truth is time will tell. Since last year I have been learning a lot from both paid and free online and offline trainings.



After the mentorship class, I have decided to be INTENTIONAL about my life, successes, decisions and what have you?



Another testimony is that I got connected with one of the coaches I wished to connect with, few days after graduation, I was so jumping all over the place.


Wait a minute, don’t tell me you feel like giving up? My dear, don’t put the baton down. The journey has just begun. Don’t be discouraged by what people say, trust me, I have been there.



Why not register for BAHMI Cohort 3 so that your
life will breathe a new meaning, your eyes would be opened to some core truths and you’ll be charged.



For LEADERSHIP, MENTORSHIP and INFLUENTIAL training, BAHMI is the best place to be.



Shh! Please, don’t tell anybody, MORE WINNINGS ON THE WAY FOR ME IN JESUS NAME. I’ll surely share these testimonies with you.



Edet Crownofglory Patience, you’re now a recognized Influencer, to the glory of God.

I’m so proud of you girl.

Congratulations sweetheart, you deserve it.

Keep climbing dear, the Lord shall continue to guide you and take you to the pinnacle of greatness in Jesus name… Amen


The Best And Sure Investment Is To Invest In Yourself.


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Crownofglory – The Influencer.


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