Hello friends, families, acquaintances and our amiable audience in the house.

Here I am again with a phenomena and valiant lady who knows her onions quite well.

I am Edet Crownofglory Patience, your host and interviewer from Crownofglory studio and blog; www.crowninspires.com

Good evening, ma’am.


CG: Wow! You’re welcome to Crownofglory studio and blog. It’s a pleasure to have you on air, ma’am.


VL: The honour is mine.


CG: I have really heard a lot about you, therefore, I’ll like to know more about you and to gain some things from you.


Can I meet you, ma’am?


An Educational Psychologist(M.Ed)


I work with Unilever as a sales supervisor.


I’m also a Professional Writing Consultant who has trained countless number of people from Nigeria, America, Japan, Ghana, China, Sierra Leone and Belgium, to become Published authors, seasoned and professional Writers.

I’m a Copywriter, a Book Editor par excellence, Content Developer and a Ghostwriter. I’m a published Author of 3books and the founder of the fastest growing online Writing school –THE VALIANT WRITERS’ AND ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY.
I have passion for young women and have gracefully helped them become dignitaries by helping them birth the best version of themselves!


CG: Could you please let us into your educational background?


VL: I attended Sure Foundation Nursery and Primary School, Alapere, Ketu.


Then Comprehensive Secondary School, Alapere, Ketu.

Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun state for my Degree; where I studied Biology Education, and Ahmadu Bello University for my post- graduate degree.

CG: Wow! That’s great. Your educational background is a chain of achievement worthy of emulation.


VL: Thank you.


CG: What religion do you practice, ma’am?


VL: I’m a Practicing Christ follower.


CG: Wow! That’s good to know. It is best to follow Christ.
By the way, you often write “Valiant Lady” after your name. Can you tell us the meaning and how you came about the name or do I call it a title?


VL: Of course! At a point in my life, I was going through tough times, I was led by the Holy Spirit to open a page in the scripture which reads, “Through God we will do VALIANTLY for it is He that would thread down our enemies” (Psalm 60:12).

That was the first time I heard of the word Valiant.
I checked out the meaning and I loved that adjective.
So, afterwards, I organized a ladies conference tagged: The Valiant Woman.

Then, I wrote a book on the valiant woman.

Thereafter, people started calling me the Valiant Woman, so I built a brand around that name – The Valiant Writer.


CG: Having the Holy Spirit is the most blessed gift. It’s indeed a beautiful qualification because I can boldly say you’re a Valian.


VL: Thank you, ma’am. All glory be to God.


CG: I believe our audience will like to know your marital status.


VL: I am Single.


CG: Audience, did you hear/read that? Let’s watch out for her wedding invitation card.

Ma’am, a lot of young boys and girls wonder what purpose and passion are, could you please shed light on those two terms?


VL: Purpose is your reason for existence. Passion is a desire that you have towards something.


CG: How can someone discover his/her purpose?


VL: You can only discover purpose by discovering Jesus Christ, first.
Then, what do you love to do?
What gives you joy?
What do people appreciate about you?

For instance, I was born to this world for positive impact and influence. These two gives me joy. I love to do it. And my passion is to write and teach. During my teaching practice and service year, next period teachers usually drag me out of the class even after my double period. I never get tired when it comes to teaching and writing.

CG: Wow! That’s cool.
I know you have an academy, which I am proud to be an alumni. Could you please tell our audience the name of the academy and what it is all about?


VL: Yeah, The Valiant Writers and Entrepreneurs Academy is an online school where we train amateur writers and help them become professionals…we also train on other niches of writing.


CG: How many students have you trained so far?


VL:We have trained precisely 750 students.


CG: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This is wonderful! You’re indeed a born teacher.


VL: Thank you..(smiles.)


CG: Ma’am, if you don’t mind, I’ll like to know (no, please) together with the audience, we will like to know what is behind your successes so far?


VL: Hahahah…Who else can be behind my success aside God? God is my source of success.


CG: Good news; He alone can do it.
How many feathers have you added to your hat of achievement?


VL: Being awarded The Young Influencer of the year 2019 by Crystal Clear Professional Services, my articles being published on blogs and Nation dailies, being invited to speak on TV platforms, having my second degree, all these added feathers to my hat, besides I look forward to other degrees. I particularly look forward to badge my PhD outside Nigeria, some day.

CG: Wow! What a great ambition. God will grant you your heart desires in Jesus name.


VL: Amen! And you too, ma’am.


CG: Amen.

Ma’am, how can you encourage youths that are looking up to you but are afraid of walking up to you or chatting you up?


VL: Lol, I don’t look like how I write. I’m not how I look. I appear serious, write like I’m hard but the truth is, I’m the most approachable and loving lady you might have ever seen.
I love confident people. Be bold enough to approach whoever you wish to, know that you won’t die from doing that and the person won’t beat you for it, so always face your fears. Lol

CG: What an encouragement! By the way, ma’am, how can you describe writing?


VL: Writing is a way of life.
It’s the ability to express your thoughts in words in the exact way you have it in your mind.


CG: Okay! Ma’am, I have been hearing a lot from people about this writing profession, they sound discouraging. Is it true that writing isn’t a profitable job.


VL: Who says it?
Hold it, please! Hahahhaha…
Writing is one of the most profitable jobs, if you know your onions.

CG: Wow! That sound interesting.
As an ICON, how do you relate with people? I mean, do you have a social life?


VL: Of course! I so have a social life. But I don’t like parties.
I love to meet people though.

CG: That’s good to know, we actually have some things in common.


VL: Really? That’s cool then.


CG: Yes, ma’am.
Ma’am, many youths are confused. Some say writing is a gift while some say it is not. What’s your take on that, ma’am?


VL: Writing is a skill, it can be learned. Yes! No one was born a great writer. People who didn’t learn it, developed themselves.


CG: What is your advice to students who are still in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, who are yet to discover their purposes?


VL: Now is the right time to discover your purpose, find God first, then find out your reason for existence.


CG: What’s your take on early and late marriage?


VL: Marry when you’re sincerely ready for it and when you’re sure this is the right one for me.


CG: What’s your advice to single sisters out there, who feel they are late for marriage?


VL: It is never late to get married, the best thing is to marry rightly.


CG: Any word to leave our audience with?


VL: Always put God first in whatsoever you do.

There is this guy who committed adultery. He had Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle so that he could take her as his own. And, yet, God says that David was a man after God’s own heart. Isn’t this amazing?

David’s past didn’t matter when it came to his faithfulness to God. His sin was history. It did not hinder his heart from following after his Heavenly father. Our past shouldn’t either.


For me, there is only one type of woman I long to be. Maybe this comes with age or spiritual maturity. I’m not sure. There was a time when I wanted to be a different woman – The Perfect Woman. Being a successful woman was incredibly appealing. Dressed to the nines and her whole life is candy-coated. I no longer want to be her. That candy-coating may be sweet at first, but the bitter center was a turn-off.

But this other woman, now she is incredible! She is full of joy and completely at peace. She is comfortable with herself and other women love being around her because she offers LIFE. Who is she? She is the woman who follows after her Lord whole-heartedly.


CG: Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Hey! my people, we have finally come to the end of the interview. I believe you’ve learned some things from the phenomena lady.

Your heard and read it directly from her, don’t be afraid of approaching her or any other person. Be strong, bold and courageous.

If you want to be a part of The Valiant Writers’ and Entrepreneurs Academy, then send in your request to www.crowninspires.com and we’ll convey your request to the appropriate quarters.

Once again, Madam Valiant Lady, it is an honour to have you on our platform, thank you for featuring on Crownofglory studio and blog.

I pray for more of God’s unction and grace upon you in Jesus name.


VL: AMEN! Thank you very much for inviting me over. May you continue to attain greater heights in Jesus name.

Amiable audience, this is where we wrap it up on this session of The Interview Corner with Great Minds, stay tuned until we come your way again.

God bless you all.

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  1. It was an interesting interview. Thank you so much for bringing The Valiant Woman over.

    Remain blessed, mama!

  2. This is a wonderful interview session. The Valiant Lady, you are so full of grace, ma.

    Thank you Crown for such an amazing interview.

  3. The bio is fire!

    Indeed, you are valiant!

    I love what you left us with. It’s worth pondering about. Greater grace to you the valiant woman.

    Live long and thrive, crowninspires blog

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