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All glory and adoration must return to the King of kings for His grace and mercy to witness the first day in the second month of year 2020 – February.



Ain’t you happy?


If you are, then show it.


I can’t believe it.


We’re already in February. That’s ten months to go. You know what I mean?


By the way, what is the month of February to you?


Oya start prophesying right now.


As for me, February is my month of:

F – Favour and Felicitation
E – Elevation and Enlargement* feel like screaming it.
B – Bountiful Blessings and Breakthrough
R – Restoration and Rest
U – Ultimate Upliftment
A – Abundance of Anointing
R – Reproduction of Riches
Y – Yielding Increase


Yes, that reminds me.

I left a post hanging in January, I wrote ‘to be continued…’. Now look beneath and see the continuation of that post.


What Is Year Twenty Twenty To You?

It is my year of:
T – Transformation and Tranquility
W – Wisdom from God
E – Enlightenment on God’s Will
N – Neutrality of the Powers of Darkness
T – Triumphant Living
Y – Yes and Amen to the promises of God



T – Total Breakthrough
W – Wonderful Life with God
E – Elevation Galore
N – Non-Conformity to the World
T – Treading on the head of Satan, Sicknesses and Serpent
Y – Youthful Strength


Have you grabbed yours?


I am already dancing my FAVOUR dance.


What are you waiting for? Yes, you.


C’mon start dancing.

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