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“Mr! What are you doing walking across the road without looking?” A lady in her late twenties rushed out of the car, she held my hand and dragged me to her car.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked once again.

Here I was seated with a beautiful lady whose face is heavily covered with make up of all colours.


“Mr. Please, talk to me.” She spoke again, this time around she spoke out in fear.


I smiled vaguely just to keep her mind safe from wandering.


“I’m fine.” I muttered even when my heart was somewhere else.


“Okay then, thank God you’re fine.”


“Can I take you out?”


I didn’t reply her question, peradventure I didn’t hear her clearly.


“Can I take you out?” She asked again, this time audibly.


“To where?” I asked


“Anywhere beautiful; a place that will return life to your soul and body.”


One would have thought she’s referring to the house of the Lord, because as far as I know, that’s the only place where one’s body and soul could be revived with ease. Yes, I have to admit that truth.


My cell phone vibrated in it’s holster at my waist. I removed it to check who it was, my wife’s attractive face emerged on my android phone. I flipped the call to the negative side. Not because I am angry at her but because I feel guilty for having raised my hand against my most loved and cherished wife.


Definitely, I need a place to cool off. Truly, this beautiful lady is right.


“Hey beauty! Thanks for saving my life.” Wait! Wasn’t that a flirt? Well I don’t know.


“Oh, finally! I thought your tongue was only permitted to speak monosyllabic words. Anyways, I’m Betty”. she stretched forth her hand for a handshake, I guessed.




“Wow! A beautiful name for a handsome man.” Her hand went beyond where I thought it would rest and it landed softly on my cheek. Immediately, I felt goose bumps all over my body, my spine moved at her touch.


“Oh! Please stop, I’m a married man.” I yelled at her immediately I found my voice. I placed my hand gently on hers’ and removed her hand from my cheek and placed it on her laps without having contact with her laps.


“You’re married? So what? Why would you be roaming the street if you’re truly enjoying your marriage.”


Though, it hurts to admit but she is definitely right.


“Whatever! Please, let me be.”


“Please, park the car I need to go home.” I said sounding irritated.


“What? No, I can’t and I won’t because we’re almost getting there.”


What should I do now? My wife would be worried sick by now. I said to myself.


All of a sudden, the car was brought to a halt. I scanned the area and found out we were in front of ‘Blue Rose Hub’.

“What are we doing here, if I may ask?”


“Why the question again? I already told you I am bringing you to a place where your body and soul would be revived.” She puckered her lips and winked in a seductive manner.


“I’m sorry, I don’t need that. All I need is to return home to my wife.” My voice was already escalating.


“Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubbles sweetie, it’s late and we are here already. Mind you, I have booked a table – for – two.”


“Late, as in how? By the way, when did you book the table?” I asked out loudly.


“Well Mr. Handsome, sorry Mr. Dickson, I did that when you were probably in a reverie.”


“Oh no! But I thought I told you I’m married”


“Uncle, will you come with me or do you want to embarrass yourself?”


No, I wouldn’t want that. I huffed as I quietly walked behind her while thinking about the home I left behind.


She shew me a table with two chairs. As if I found solace in a cushioned chair, I dumped myself into the chair because I was already tired, besides it was late.


I really don’t know this area she brought me to, I guess I was really lost in thoughts during her drive down here.


My mind vaguely tried to bring me back to where this whole mess started but I was too lost for comfort.


What I saw next were bottles of different strong drinks.


“I don’t drink.” I told her bluntly, she peeked at me and gave me the I-don’t-care-look.

What mess have I put myself into? I asked thoughtfully.


I can’t explain the force behind this but in no time, three bottles were already empty before me. What I don’t understand is when I drank from the bottles not to talk of the way the content in the bottle made their way into my mouth.


Was I day dreaming? I asked myself.


All I know is that I started seeing men moving like trees.


Hi handsome, can we go in, I can see you’re exhausted already.?


“Yes, I wa..nt to sle…ep.” I wobbled those words together. I guess she understood me because she stood up immediately. Thereafter, I saw four people give me wry smiles.


“I thought you wanted to go home to your wife, why not start going?” They asked mockingly.


“No…I a..m too tired to walk.” Though, I was worn out but I could still gather letters to stutter words with.


She came closer; her cologne was rosy. I felt like sniffing it in with both nose and mouth. Oh mine! My mind was drifting already.


She or they assisted me to my feet, as if the bed was beside the chair, I found my body on the bed. The rest is history.


“What? What happened here? What did you do to my clothes and cellphone?”


“Well, your clothes were dirty so I soaked them so I can wash them later, you can make do with the towel for now. Your phone wouldn’t stop disturbing my peace so I dumped it in the water too.”


“What?” I bellowed. “Are you insane? How will I contact my wife?”


“Well, that’s your cup of tea! In case you don’t know, this hub is mine so I can do whatever I feel like doing to anyone and at anytime. Therefore, watch your mouth.” She spoke authoritatively.


“Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into?” I asked as I jacked myself off the bed. Only then did I realize that my clothes were still intact and my phone was where it should be.


“Oh! That must have been a dream.” I muttered as I turned to the other side of the bed and brought my feet to the ground, I knelt beside the bed while my elbows were placed on the bed but I couldn’t utter any word.




“Where could my husband be by this time, oh Lord? I had already asked Mummy Bolu; my sister in-law.” I said as I peeked at the flower-like clock firmly fitted on the wall of our bedroom. The time was few minutes past 12:00am. I had already put my baby to sleep on his bed.


‘Mercy’ I heard faintly. “What’s that?” I asked as I looked around the four walls of our bedroom.


“Oh! I need to pray.” I said to myself.


I knelt down and began to utter words of prayer but all that were coming to my mind was ‘mercy’. Then I began to plead for mercy on behalf of my husband. For hours later, I couldn’t reach him as he refused to pick my calls; now his phone is switched off already.


“Father, please, once again I bring Your son before You, please be merciful unto Him and save Him wherever He is right now. You’re the omnipotent God, hence, I’m standing in the gap tonight, Lord Jesus, I pray for His safety.”

I kept on praying and blasting in tongues.




“Honey, please, come back home. Our son misses you.” I said as I began to run after my husband in a bushy path filled with thorns and scary creatures; all singing different kinds of lullaby.


“What are you doing in this dark and scary area? Please, come let’s go home”


“A.b, please wait for me, let me quickly get my clothes and cellphone.” He said as he kept on searching for the unseen things. Then he beckoned on me. “A.b, I can’t find my clothes, my cellphone. Could you please help me look for them?”


I made an attempt to search for them but I kept on hearing ‘home….home’


“Sweetheart, I can’t find them. Don’t worry, let’s go, you’ll get another ones.”


“Nooooo, I can’t leave this place without these things.” He shouted.


I went closer to him, I caressed his back; I tried to calm him so I could take him home but he was too agitated to get his things.


Then, I dragged him when he wouldn’t follow me despite all my plea, I dragged him till I jumped off my kneeling position.




“Thank You Jesus” was the first thing I said. I had immeasurable joy in my heart because I was able to drag him out of the bushy and scary pat. “Thank You Lord for the grace to fulfill my mandate.” I praised Him with both hands raised to the heavenly.


Then, the dream began to make sense to me. My husband has lost his glory, mantle and communication link.


I began another round of prayer; I continually pleaded for mercy. Oh Lord! Please restore my husband’s glory.


“Those clothes that were missing meant God’s glory upon him was gone, his lost cell phone meant he has lost his communication signal to the throne of grace.”


“Oh!” I screamed out loud when the Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation of the dream.


“Lord, I can’t fulfill my ministry with a worthless husband. Please, give me back my beloved Dickson. Make him whole and hale again. You know how much he means to me; you brought us together for a purpose…..”


I kept on reminding God of all His promises till the cry of my baby made me conclude the prayers abruptly.


My peace was back. I can feel this river of joy flowing from within my soul. Yes, that’s an assurance that my prayers were answered already. “Thank You, Holy Spirit.” I muttered joyfully.


I cuddled my baby as I brought him to our bed, and in no time I found myself in the dreamland.


The soft knock on the door woke me up. Still with blurry eyes, I saw someone who looks like my husband entered the room. Are my eyes seeing vaguely? I rubbed my eyes with the tip of my index finger, to the point that I almost removed my eyes from their sockets.


My gaze was fixed on the clock. I can’t believe its already 12 noon. Oh! Thank God it’s my off day at work, if not I would have met a query patiently waiting for me on my table.


“A.b, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you. I’m sorry that I allowed the devil to take me on a devilish ride that I almost lost my soul.” His voice jacked me back from wherever I had wandered to.


I guess my tongue was tied already. I was longing to wrap my hands around his neck but here I am, I can’t even bring myself to open my mouth.


“A.b please, say something. It’s okay if you now hate me, please, listen to me first.” Still unable to talk, I budged with my head and neck.


“Honey, please listen.”


I guess he misunderstood me. He moved closer, held my hand and sobbed like a baby; he never stopped kissing the back of my palm.

His tears were already pelting his face like no-man’s-business.


I pitied the husband of my youth.


“Honey, welcome back home.” I managed to locate my tongue but my voice almost left me behind. I heard my voice sounded husky, no wonder mummy Bolu asked me the same question.


He looked up almost immediately, smiled amidst tears. He was happy at the sound of my voice.


“Thank you, dear. Please, I’m sorry…” He was saying when I hushed him as I placed my index finger on his lips. He puckered his lips and gave my index finger a needed kiss.


I went closer to him, knelt before him and married our palms together as I led the prayer.


I prayed and asked for mercy.


My husband couldn’t say anything other than ‘have mercy Lord’. He was losing his voice already.


I prayed and pleaded with God to redecorate my husband with His glory and allow him use the communication link once again. I was deep in prayer; to the point that I no longer heard my husband’s voice.


A gentle tap on my shoulder made me open my eyes and made me reticent for a little while.


“Honey, what is it?” I asked in a soft tone


“Swee…t..heartt, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you till my clothes and cellphone were dumped inside the water. I lost them.” He screamed painfully.


I didn’t know when my face was wet with tears. I clasped my hands into his as I brought his knuckles to my mouth. I kissed his knuckles. I wondered how he knew what I saw.


One side of me wasn’t happy seeing my beloved husband; the husband of my youth in tears. The other part was escalating and gallivanting with joy because my best friend, gist partner and my crown is back.


“A.b,” he called out as he shook me rigorously – he brought me out of reverie.


“Can God ever forgive me for taking a downward journey?


I moved from Jerusalem to Jericho without thinking. Oh my dear, I lost everything. I was robbed of everything I took years to work for. I am wounded. I am shattered.” He bellowed.


All this while, I didn’t interrupt him. I wanted him to pour out everything to the hearing of the Holy Spirit.


I finally spoke when I couldn’t bear the tears any longer. I can’t believe my husband can ever be like this. Indeed, he regrets everything.


“My love, the Lord says He has forgiven you…”


I was still saying when he freed his hand from the imprisonment of my palm and jumped for joy. He knew I am a prophetess so he doesn’t joke with my prophetic declaration. To me, here’s another sign that he is back. He is happy that God has forgiven.


He came back to his kneeling position and wrapped me in a tight embrace as he kept on plastering my face with uncountable number of kisses. Yea, my only joy is that my husband is back, I know soon there’ll be manifestation of his restoration.




Sister Ruth was also restored as a result of the fervent prayers of her friends, she only went out and lied to them that she had committed the act. Meanwhile, she only did that to scare her friends, she was still chaste.


Listen to her:

“Sis Margret, Abike, and Mary, I’m grateful to God for what you’ve been doing since I took a downward journey.”


“I was impatient, I felt God was too slow. The waiting was too much for me. Hence, I decided to dine with the devil. I felt the devil will give me what I wanted very fast.”


“Guess what! I never knew how much God loved me and I must say that your prayers have contributed immensely to my breakthrough.”


“Anytime I want to get into the act, one way or the other, God prevented it from happening.”


“It’s either I see my unplanned monthly flow which of course will irritate the guy or I just get suddenly irritated with everything, that has been the reason I have been changing guys like I change my wears.” She said tearfully.


“Sisters, the purpose of this gathering is to appreciate you for standing in the gap for the lost – me.” She said as her knees kissed the ground but we quickly went to her and lifted her to her feet as we hugged and pecked ourselves.


The End



The above story is the illustration of what happened to the man that was robbed and wounded on his journey from Jerusalem to Jericho.


Hey! Do not joke with that place where God has placed you. Guide your seat/position/gift jealously else the devil might make you embark on a downward journey.


Always give God the best place in your heart for He alone knows tomorrow. Stop running after vain glory that won’t take you anywhere other than the pit – hell fire.


The bible says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you”. What are you seeking first? The kingdom of fame and vain glory?


Search Your Heart And Your Conscience!


Mind you, like the good Samaritan did to the man that was wounded, believers need to rally round wounded soldiers and pray vehemently until they are restored. It isn’t the time for mockeries and gossips.

Neither is it time for songs of thanksgiving – ‘God catch am’


I am also guilty of this message from the Lord.


We need to constantly search our hearts.


Remain blessed till I come your way again.


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