Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

Truly, I started 2019 with a great mindset of pleasing the Lord in every facet of my life.

Started reading the bible and writing out the interpretations I got on daily basis.

Fast forward to March, I registered for a writing course with mama Lizzy; President of Deraconteur Writers’ College. There I learnt how to write Haiku Poem (a poem I never knew existed), I wasted no time in trying and I was so glad when I got it. I can remember that night so well.

Somehow; yes, it’s somehow because I can’t remember the ‘how’ I got to know of International Women Conference organized by Mr. Hollis E. Idabor. During the conference, I was too busy to follow each speaker back to back. Then, I decided to compile the messages for a later use.

After the compilation, I forwarded it to boss Hollis, he appreciated me and made some corrections which I amended, and that was how I crawled into his ministry unintentionally.

After the conference, he kept the group active, he kept on charging us with senses as his alias implies “Uncle Grab Sense”. In fact, I really do appreciate him for the senses he imparted into my oblongata.

Thereafter, I began to post my articles on his group once in a while since he allowed it. Though, I didn’t receive any encouragement from anyone, yet, I continued without knowing some people were watching.

Thereafter, I got a mentee because of my inspirational and motivational articles. Mrs. Angela; my first protégée.

One glorious morning, I received a call from boss Hollis, indeed, I counted myself favoured. He asked if I could take the group on “The Essence of Reading Good Books”, as it was our Book Baptism Day.

Oh my world! I was flabbergasted. Though, I almost turned down the offer because of fear; I had never done such a thing before. Yet, the Spirit in me overruled my flesh; I summoned courage and told him I’ll do it. It was to take place in the evening, if my memory serves me right.

Hence, I had to sit up and put my writing stuffs together so as not to fall his hand. To the glory of God, people were blessed.

Thereafter, I became one of the Engine Room Ambassadors, an Admin and also a member of the MMI Leadership group, these are achievements I don’t joke with.

Ever since, he has been mentoring me, he yields to my call whenever I reach out. He gives me assignment for the group at times. Sometimes, I feel I don’t deserve it but it’s of God that shows mercy.

By the grace of God, I am a beneficiary of Mr. Hollis E. Idabor benevolence because he didn’t collect a dime from me, yet, I achieved a lot from him.

What would have happened if I had paid for any of his courses? I guess I would be swimming in senses. However, not that I can’t pay for his courses but then I was rich.

Through him, I came to know great personalities like John Obidi, Asiwaju Dorcas, John Agbor to mention just a few of them.

Thereafter, I met great personalities in MMI, people like Mr. Gabriel, Mr. Joseph – my coaches, Toochi, Confidence, Fisayo, Ma’am Sarah, Hassan, Halem, Mr. Basil – my pals in the writing ministry e.t.c. without these great people, my journey in MMI wouldn’t have been smooth.

I garnered my strength and boldness from MMI.

I joined another great family, the BUD family, God has been using the great family by mama Lizzy to bless me tremendously. One day, I was asked to take the sisters on the topic; “The Christian And Depression”. That was my second time to be live with audience.

The Holy Spirit; my teacher made it a glorious time. At another time I took a webinar on “How To Deal With Men’s Constant Proposal”. Prior to this time, I was really empty because I lacked experience.

I tried to write but nothing was coming forth just for a few things, I prayed and prayed yet nothing.

To my amazement, like He said when I open my mouth, He will fill it. When I began the teaching, see divine flow from the throne of grace. The Holy Spirit moved and testimonies abounded; I got a lot of protégés from that.

I also appreciate the other families (groups) I belong to on WhatsApp Talkaholic Family, The Inspiration Clinic – thank you Mr. Emmanuel, Deborah’s League, GIFT, Valiant Writers Alumni, Hands to war, Facebook family just to mention a few.

You know the devil will never want anyone to work for God.

He attacked me with reproaches at different time but to the glory of God, he has been failing. Thank God that I am spiritually matured to a point, if not I would have dropped by the way but to the glory of God, I am still standing and I will continue to stand…Amen.

Later on, I registered for a discount course by Coach Gbemi – The Valiant Coach. There, she opened my eyes to that aspect I had been deliberately ignoring because I felt I can’t be good at it, that’s descriptive writing and fiction. She gave us an assignment which I did and got a high mark. You won’t understand the joy I felt, I was overwhelmed.

She drilled me and since then people have been seeing the best which I never knew was anywhere in me. After that, my writing took another dimension. She also taught us copywriting from her benevolent heart.

Later, I registered for an animation class by OkikiJesu Esther and I became a qualified and inspired animator.

Hence, I became a Certified Writer – Content Creator/Developer and a Certified Copywriter.

I can’t conclude this without appreciating the very Salt that God deliberately added to sweeten and add savour to my life, you’re indeed living up to your name. May your name never lose it’s savour…Amen.

I want to also thank sis Elizabeth – Botaprenuer, Adeniyi David – the man behind my blog, Franklin – the man behind my logos, Emmy the chairman himself, Bro Ben my paddy, Fisayo; my besty in Deraconteur college, Bunmi; my besty in BUD family, and second mama Lizzy, sis Esther Oyekunle. My protégés; Esther, Mary, Gift e.t.c

On this journey called 2019, I became an achiever, Crownofglory became a household name in some groups I belong to. To the glory of God, I moved my write ups to my permanent blog www.crowninspires.com and I also created a WhatsApp platform with the vision of Building Matured Minds for Greatness – 360° Talk With Crown.

It’s been God all the way, without Him, where would I have been. I appreciate the Holy Spirit my Teacher, Partner, Friend, Comforter, and Lord.

I feel like screaming now; I want to appreciate all my audience both far and near, thank you for believing in this little me, I won’t be called a Writer if there’s no one to read all my articles and stories. God bless you all. Please, let’s do more in 2020.

By the way, I am just starting, but I know that with your support come 2020, I’ll attain greater heights with God being my foundation.

To all those who believe and look up to me, by His grace, I Edet Crownofglory Patience will never disappoint God and you.

I am sorry for not mentioning your name, the space won’t allow me to do that. Have it in mind that I Love You All

In a nutshell, 2019 has been the MOST turbulent year I have ever lived. Do I regret it? No, I thank God that I am spiritually inclined, hence, NO GOING BACK.

© Crownofglory – The Influencer

2 Replies to “The Journey Called 2019

  1. Happy New year my dear. I enjoyed your story a lot. I had a similar experience.
    I am a very good writer. But I have not enrolled in any school to further advance & sharpen my skill.
    Thanks for this write up. May the Lord continue to take you to higher heights that you cannot imagine.
    And may soar high like the 🦅 Eagle.
    The sky is not your limit.
    Be hapoy always.

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