An Interview Session Between Talabi Mary And Edet Crownofglory Patience

Mary: We welcome you to another session of “The Raconteur of The Week”. I remain Talabi Mary, your interviewer. I have here with me a Christian Writer and a teacher. She is a woman who is passionate about young adults finding their God given purpose at the earliest age possible. Ever since she found her new name, she prefers to be called ‘Crown Of Glory’.

Well, please give a standing ovation as I welcome Sis. Edet Crownofglory Patience.

Crownofglory: Wow! I’m so excited to be here.

Mary: You are very welcome here too. Can we meet you ma?

Crownofglory: Thank you ma’am. I’m Edet Crownofglory Patience, a Christian – saved by grace. I was born into the Edet’s family some years ago as the first fruit, I am well accompanied by four able boys.

I am a graduate of English Language and Literature in English from the Prestigious Premiere University Of Education, Tai Solarin University of Education, where I badged a Second Class Upper.

I’m a Certified writer from two noble institutions; De-Raconteur Writers’ College and The Valiant Institute.

Mary: Wooow…. I’m impressed. Do you write for full time?

Crownofglory: Yes and No.

Yes, I write whenever inspiration comes, hence, I’m not a part time writer.

No. Though, I am a Certified Content Creator/Developer and a Copywriter but I haven’t started copywriting fully. By His grace, I’ll start soon.

Mary: Amen 😄. At what age and how did you recognize God’s purpose for you as a writer?

Crownofglory: Thank you, ma’am.

Oh my God! This is something that saddens my heart because I discovered my purpose late, at the same time I give glory to God that I am already fulfilling my purpose. 

I’d been more into writing than speaking right from a tender age but then I didn’t understand what purpose meant then. Being a shy person, I’d rather reply your questions through writing rather than speaking.

Though, I knew I love reading and writing stories when I was in secondary school but I didn’t follow it up.

In a nut shell, I discovered my purpose sometimes last year.


Mary: Wooow!!! All glory to God. So what’s the writing testimony?

Crownofglory: Let me say this at this juncture, my passion for writing ‘gingered’ me to apply into two institutions at different time because I wanted to learn the courage and boldness with which to make my pen to bleed passionately and beautifully; in order to fulfill my God given mandate.

It all happened this year.

I must give all glory to God, so far the testimonies I’ve been receiving have been an oil in my engine. They make me happy when my readers ask for more. I want to write more even when I’m exhausted, the testimonies and the feedbacks energize me.

I see lives changing already, especially with my students, because I’m a teacher by profession.

To crown it all, I love what I’m doing, to the glory of God.


Mary: Great! So on which platform do you share your writings?

Crownofglory: I share my write ups on social media.

I have a WhatsApp platform  called 360° Talk With Crown where I also groom other youths through my writings and various life transforming seminars. If you’re interested in joining the platform, simply send ‘TWC’ as a WhatsApp message to +2349062169879 and you’ll be added in no time.

I also have a blog where lives are touched daily through my write ups. It’s, you can visit the blog to have a taste of what I’m talking about.

Mary: Woow… More grace and anointing to you ma’am. So how has the journey been? Have you ever been discouraged or even prosecuted at some point?

Crownofglory: Thanks sis. The journey hasn’t been rosy but I give glory to God who has been my Pillar of inspiration, strength and support.

Yes, there were times I was discouraged because no one looked at my side, it made me feel my writings weren’t good enough. However, when I had no one to encourage me, yet, I kept on pushing because inspiration will not stop flowing.

Along the line, God gave me ‘encouragers’ who told me to keep writing without waiting for any comment. And to the glory of God, I did like I was told and the testimonies have been immense. No prosecution yet, though, one that almost surfaced was settled amicably.

As a Christian Writer, sometimes people don’t have interest in what I write because it’s not part of the trend, hence, no comment and no appreciation.

At other times, some people are silent readers.


Mary: One of the major setbacks for Christian Writers is what to write. How do you handle it?

How do you get inspired?

Crownofglory: I get my inspiration from the Holy Spirit. At other times, I get inspired by things happening around me, afterward, I allow the Holy Spirit to interpret it and bring out the message He wants me to pass across.

I don’t just write, I write under the influence and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Mary: Earlier you mentioned that you’ve been more into writing than speaking right from a tender age. But, you did not understand what purpose meant then. What does purpose mean to you?

Crownofglory: To every manufacturer, there is a purpose (reason) for manufacturing something. A manufacturer of pen manufactured it so it would meet the need of some people.

Though, the general reason why we are created is to show forth His glory.

Then, the question is; how do we show forth His glory?

Your God given purpose is that particular thing that gives glory to God and makes you happy at the same time. In a nut shell, to fulfill purpose, you must live to impact lives.

Mary: The last paragraph is so apt.
I get saddened whenever I see teenagers and even young adults living life without purpose. May God help them to discover their purpose.

Crownofglory: Amen. It’s because they’re yet to discover that there is something called PURPOSE.


Mary: May God help us. Now, I’ve always been wondering about this last question.

How did the name “Crown of Glory” come about?

Crownofglory: Wow!

Hahhahaha! Should I tell you or not? Well, let me say this so that people will know that there are powerful messages in His word.

My parents named me Glory.

One glorious day like that, while I was reading the Bible, I came across that name in Isaiah chapter 62, God said He will give me a new name and the names there attracted me, including Royal Diadem.

Prayerfully, I started using the names because God gave them to me.


Mary: I’m blessed. I’m happy knowing you are also a teacher by profession, that’s an assurance that you’ll bring many to find their purpose in Christ.

Crownofglory: Yes ma, by His grace, I’ll not relent in leading them to the way, as the Holy Spirit directs.


Mary: As we are about to leave, 👇 What’s your advice for any writer struggling to find purpose?

What’s your word for us in our writing journey?

Crowofglory: My advice to writers struggling to discover purpose is to go back to their Maker; with prayer to God they’ll discover their purpose. When you ask, He says He will answer you. So when you ask Him, He will definitely answer you.

Then, they should do what glorifies God and also what makes them happy.

Keep doing what you love doing? Writing is not a destination but a journey. No one is a perfect writer, hence, we need to keep striving to be the best.


Mary: Thank you soooo much ma. It’s an honor to have you.

Crownofglory: The honour is mine. Please, do have a nice time.

Mary: Thanks so much for reading. I hope you get blessed as I am.
Stay blessed.

De-raconteur writers’s club
De-raconteur writers’s college
Lizzy Oyebola Yaks.


  1. Thanks for such a wonderful story. I’m inspired by you. I’m praying one day I will join you in this industry. Stay blessed.

  2. I testify of your gift Ma. I remember the first time I really took time to read one of your poems, the feeling was indescribable… From them I knew you are more than ‘a writer ‘. You’re great Ma.

    I won’t also forget the day someone commented on my post and called me the second CrownofGlory how happy and teary I became. Why? Because you’re an inspiration and s great person. I pray that God continues to strengthen you more and more Ma.

    Keep touching lives?

  3. Wow this is mind blowing
    Yeah I can personally testify to Crown of Glory has really transformed lives positively

    Personally I have been blessed tremendously

    More Unction to function ma’am,I pray your annointing will never run dry

    Thanks so much the Interviewer,God bless you

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