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For years, I had this urge to be a writer, though, I knew not what it meant then.

I remember when I had a fight with the assistant head boy in my primary school. With both hands clamped behind me; I stood before my class teacher along side my opponent, she asked us to narrate what caused the skirmish. The assistant head boy had to go first, he narrated everything in a flawless English language; he was very fluent.

When it was my turn to speak, the language that jumped off my mouth was Yoruba language. The teacher shut me off immediately, she told me to keep quiet if I couldn’t express myself in English language. Being the head girl, I felt the ground was making a hatchway, preparing itself for me to enter, tears pelted my face like I was blessed from heaven.

My dear readers, it wasn’t as if I couldn’t speak. Actually, I was a fluent speaker and a brilliant girl right from my tender age. I remember how the founder of the coaching center I attended flogged me to a questionable point.

When questioned by my mum, he said I didn’t want to learn. Then, if I’m not mistaken, I was between five to six years.

The issue with my inability to speak fluent and flawless English language started when we relocated to a new house. I met some children who were having difficulties in reading and speaking; though, some of them were far beyond my age. The spell began when I became their teacher, showing them I can do what they couldn’t do. You can’t blame me, I was only trying to help. So I thought.

It was too late before we realised we were living in a herbalist’s house and those children were his’. Therefore, I lost myself in the process. Though, I can’t tell how it happened but I know we lost many things in that house; including my baby bro…Well, story for another day.

All of a sudden I became timid and a boring girl. I wasn’t sociable. I only spoke monosyllabic words, because I had phobia for mistakes. Hence, I waste no time in coiling into my shell.

During my secondary school days, I and my friends used to have funny adventures of roaming one another’s home. We eat anything eatable with free minds.

At a time, I told one of my friends; Otabajo Kikelomo that when I grow up, I’ll like to put everything about our childhood into writing. We had fun in our own little way. Unfortunately, hardly can I recall those blissful memories.

Though, I don’t know how memories of my childhood came back, but I have the Holy Spirit to thank. For quite a number of years, I kept trying to remember something about my childhood but the memories had hidden itself from me.

I was traumatized.

It hurts a lot when you strive to get something which you know is yours but it’s really far from your reach.

Hence, I gave up trying. I never knew God has a better plan for me.

You can’t imagine the joy within me now, I’m happy I remembered all these I’m sharing.

Well, I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I know someone will be blessed through it.


I loved and I still love stories; both writing and telling.

There was a day I walked quietly along a path, I looked at the sky and the groaning in the sky cheer me to write a poem then – the poem was typically on nature. Though, it was wobbled, yet, I was happy I wrote something.

Then, the best way to express myself was through writing – because I was timid and shy.

Thank God, Christ found me; He showed me mercy at the lowest point of my life. Christ surrounded me with people who cared for my soul, one of them is my very own brother from another mother, bro Adebayo Lere. God used him greatly for me. Hence, the first blissful journey I made.

Along the line, I fell off the terrace. Yet, Jesus found me again! And again… And again. He was never tired of stretching forth His hands, just that I was too blind to see those loving and warming hands. Thank God He kept on sending people to me, else, I would have been long gone and forgotten. But for His mercies…

Years later, I met a Ghanian friend online, though, my legs were shaky on the christian journey; yet, he stood by me through thin and thick. He charged me spiritually. I’m talking about Adjei Felix, he has never stopped being there for me.

To the glory of God, after many years of longing to belong, I joined some groups on WhatsApp, specifically this year. Thus, God blessed me through the groups and opened my eyes to things that my eyes were shut to. I appreciate my first online coach; Mr. Olufemi Emmanuel. He inspired and motivated me to start writing again.

After much cheer and encouragements I got from different sources, I wrote few articles but I was too afraid to post them, because of the fear of what people might say. I posted some of them anyways.

At some point, I stopped writing because no remarks or commendations were forth coming. So, I guess my writings were not good enough. Perhaps, because I am a Christian writer; I thought people don’t like reading Christian articles. Hence, I was discouraged.

Though, I was discouraged but I didn’t give up, I joined writing clubs and platforms; to sharpen my writing skills. I appreciate my first online tutor; Ma’am Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu (De-raconteur), who gave out a part of her to bring me out of my shell (though, she might not know what she did.), followed by Miss Gbemie (The Valiant Writer) she encouraged me and gave me some needed sparks. They are always there for me whenever I need sparks from them.

Yes, I found out that it’s not compulsory I get remarks or commendations. However, the slogan is; Never Stop Writing, Because, The More You Write, The Better You’ll Become. Hence, I kept writing my gibberish and pétit-á-pétit, my writings started moving at a snail pace by having one or two likes.

As if all these were not enough, I was still battling with low self esteem. However, not too long, people started appreciating my writings because I never gave up. I remember the first time I was invited to take a webinar by Coach Hollis E. Idabor. Though, I was afraid but I summoned courage; I gave it my best and thank God it paid off.

I know I haven’t arrived where He’s taking me to. Yet, I thank God for bringing me out of my shell and making me an Influencer. I now have a blog ( www.crowninspires.com – a trial will keep you glued to your phone/lappy) and a WhatsApp platform where God’s name will continually be exalted ( 360° Talk With Crown, click on the link if you’ll like to be one of us; https://chat.whatsapp.com/JILYiKptb3t50DHVQiWgWS) – to the glory of God.

My journey into writing is a remarkable journey I’m proud I made – all to the glory of God, because the Holy Spirit has been my leader.

Although, I almost stopped writing when I felt no one was going to read my articles. Because it never stopped preaching Christ, yet, the Holy Spirit won’t allow me write without preaching Jesus. Hence, I continued and He has been my best Companion and Muse.

Therefore, I Will Never Stop Preaching The Prince Of Peace, The Saviour, With My Bleeding Pen.

Here is wake up call to you out there, find and see Jesus for He alone can direct your path. Give your life to Christ today and you’ll never regret doing so.


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4 Replies to “The Journey So Far!

  1. This is almost like my own story, and I’m glad I came out of my shell earlier enough.

    Seriously God used the people I met on social media to help me.

    I was almost lost on the path of purpose, by this time last year I was as confused as anything, but I thank God.

    This year 2019, was my year of self discovery and I’m glad at the me I have discovered.

    Thank you for sharing ma’am.

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