Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

Here am I in my sister’s garden.
Good tidings, I brought to my maiden
I gathered my myrrh with my spice
To you, it may not be nice
I have eaten the sweet honey
The honeycomb, I drink with milk
Friends, beloved, come and dine with me.

In my sleep, my beloved’s voice I heard
‘Come Open! for my merry heart,’ he said
‘My beloved, my love, my dove,’
‘Open to me my love,’ still he calleth
‘Let me in, my dove.’
‘Come for my heart is filled, my undefiled’
‘The night shrinketh it colour’
‘Open that I may hide my head’

How shall I answer my beloved?
My coat I hang away from the night.
My feet I washed and made fresh
How shall I defile them?
Yet, my beloved troubleth my door,
Behold, my heart beats for love.
I must need respond to my love
Else angry cold will envelope my beloved,
For love overcometh all night cloves.

Alas! On my feet I rose,
To the door, I engaged.
The warmth of His spices I feel!
The sweet scent of myrrh are real
Upon the handle of my door it reeds.

Beloved, with my voice I call,
But my voice returneth empty to my ears,
My love, I searcheth, I seeketh and I calleth
Oh! My beloved hath withdrawn already,
Oh! My sweet love hath gone in hale.

Oh! My soul faileth when he called,
My weariness I put to blame,
I sought and want my beloved,
I called my beloved’s name aloud
But answers I couldn’t hear.

Phew! The city watchmen smote me
My lingerness hath wounded me
Now, my weariness hath suddenly flee me
My veils they seize from me
Oh! My beloved hath left me.

Oh ye daughters, tell him
When he be found of you,
Tell him I be sick of love.
Daughters be not like me,
Linger not, arise and fight
Attend to thy love while he waiteth.

Arise! Attend to thy love,
For he calleth thee out of loneliness,
He seeketh thee for companionship.
Seek him when he may be found!
Joke not, for the heart is soft.

Play not for he loveth thee
Reach out, for the Master calleth thee
Oh! For I lost the beauty in His eyes
His colour is altogether milky,
His voice, like honeycomb sweetens my ears.
His touch, turneth my life around.
Seek the Saviour, when He may be found.

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