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Proverbs 7

The fair woman is lurking around seeking a way of bringing you to destruction. Yes, you read it right!

Here, the fair woman does not necessarily mean a female, he could be a male, a friend, or your incessant love for money could

be your own ‘fair woman’.

By the way, what is that thing you think you’ve gotten cheaply? My brother & sister, be careful of cheap success because they can become your ‘fair woman’.

Mind you, It’s not all that glitters is gold. That thing you see as an opportunity might be there purposely to cause your downfall.

Beware! Be warned!

Don’t allow yourself to be sweet talked by any man or woman into falling into a beautified pit.

Danger doesn’t present itself as danger at first, all it does is to give you a sweet fragrance that will lure you from the path of truth. By implication, not all dangers appear as Red Zone, some danger come in deceitful and dicey colours just to deceive you from discerning their true nature.

Look at the fair woman from the above scriptures, she enticed the man with cheap sex, she sweet talked him into believing that all was well because her husband was not around. On the other hand, the man thought he had seen a place to rest his head, despite knowing she is a married woman. Yet he mulishly followed her, all for the “less than five minutes enjoyment” he looked up to.

If he was advised then, he would have defiantly turned down the advice because he believed his bread has been buttered by God, how wrong he was.

See the way the dart caught through his liver. Oh mine!

Some people suddenly become foolish because of the supposed ‘sumptuous meal’ (quick success, free money, free or cheap sex e.t.c) placed before them by the enemy of their souls.

Five minutes enjoyment can mar your future and take you to an unplanned eternity, besides, what is the enjoyment in sin?

Therefore, desist from running after glittering things. If at all, you have a flashy or glittering thing you desire, please make sure that thing has an established foundation of purity and truth.

Stop Running After The Rich Whose Source Of Wealth You Know Nothing Of, Don’t Be Led To An Unprepared Eternity.

Stop Running After Impure Money Because They Will Ruin You!

‘Unfriend’ Dangerous Friends Before They Destroy Your Life!

Don’t Be Too Hasty To Make Money Because Money Cannot Buy Life!

Work Hard For Your Money So You Can Have Rest Of Mind While Enjoying It!

God Will Reward Your Hard Work And Faithfulness! No Matter How Long It Tarries, Wait For It For It Shall Surely Come!

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