Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

A little bowl was placed in a water container and water was dropping directly from the tap into the bowl. After a while, the bowl drifted

away from the water channel therefore it stopped receiving water.

Many times, some supposed Christians feel they’ve been blessed enough that they easily walk out from the source of their blessings.

An adage in Yoruba states that “Odo t’o ba gbagbe orisun re, a gbe e” it means, a river that forgets its source will dry off.

This applies to everyone; whether nominal or born again Christians. Once you forget the source of your blessings cum wealth, the blessings will surely dry off.

Likewise, a branch of leave that detaches itself from the tree will not live long, it will surely fade away in no time because it had stopped getting the right fluid and nutrient from the mother tree.

As believers, we need to daily enrich ourselves with the milk from the word of God. However, any believer who thinks he/she has gotten enough enrichment and decides to walk away will become fragile in no time. It means when the wind of challenges come his/her way, there would be no strength to withstand such wind.

Mind you, this walking away doesn’t happen in a day, it is a gradual process. It sets in little by little, it comes with little; pride, anger, jealousy, covetousness e.t.c. You suddenly see no reason why you should read the bible, after all, you can easily quote some scriptures. Hah! In no time, the scriptures will also evaporate.

Prayer becomes a difficult thing to do too, besides, everything is now moving on fine, why then should you pray? You think.

My dear, do not forget to do what you’ve been doing rightly except you think changing strategy is important.

Well, you can change your strategy but do not make the mistake of walking away from your channel and source of blessings.

Hence, depend solely on your only source of strength and inspiration that is; GOD.

The Blessings of God is ever flowing therefore, don’t walk away from the CHANNEL.

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