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Without a solid foundation, no matter what the architects sketch or what the brick layers build, no structure can stand successfully on a faulty foundation.

Have you ever asked yourself

what easily brings miracle to people?

Sometimes ago, I listened to a sermon on faith, I enjoyed the message so much that after the prayers, I decided to put everything I’ve learnt to test.

Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

This means having to trust what you’ve not seen but you believe wholeheartedly that it will surely come. Hence, my faith was in God.

We have two wall clocks that had stopped working for over a year, to the point that the ‘Aboki’ that tried to repair the clocks said the engines had spoilt and so they can’t work AGAIN. He emphasized AGAIN.

With bountiful joy in my heart; I got new batteries immediately I got home, said a short prayer, exercised faith and inserted the batteries into the clocks.

To my amazement and to the glory of God, the clocks’ seconds started ticking.

Wow! This is unbelievable!

I set the clocks and phew! They began working perfectly.

I was wowed by the manifestation of the power of God, hence, I referenced God who made it possible. I was happy and joyous when I saw real and genuine miracle as a result of faith.

Who says faith doesn’t work, my friend, the person should have a rethink. I have experienced raw faith at work at different occasions, so I can tell you that it is always a wonderful experience.

My dear, is there anything you think is too difficult for you? Trust me, there is a God in heaven that hears and answers prayers but on the condition that you must have repented of all your sins and have a good foundation which happens to be FAITH.

Even if you’re a sinner and you genuinely call upon God to save you, then believe He will do it, because He will surely do it.

Develop your faith now so you can receive unlimited miracles from God.

See this👇
He is a F- Faithful God. Hence, He will grant you Favour.
He is the A- Almighty God. He will give you All round breakthrough.
His name is I- Immanuel. He has an Irreplaceable Love for you so He will always be with you
He is T- Trustworthy, therefore, rely on Him for Total Transformation.
He is H- Holy & Righteous, He will Hasten your Miracles in Jesus name. Amen

May God increase your faith in Jesus name.

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