Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

Four kids were busy playing a funny game, they were spinning a plastic bottle and when it stands, the person that threw it has a point. They were on point 1-10, then one prevailed and became the winner.

However, he was not satisfied with the fact that he had stopped playing because he was missing the fun. While others were still striving for the second and third positions, he offered to help one of them out but his offer was declined simply because they wanted to see the second winner. Although, some were already fed up with the game as no point was surfacing again.

Then I realized something.

In life, no matter how successful you are with what you do, for the fact that you love what you do and see it as an hobby will make you want to do more. The merrier it becomes, the more successful and rich you become.

Little wonder the rich are not satisfied with their wealth because whatever is the source of their wealth has become an hobby they can’t part with.

What is that thing you love doing? Though, it hasn’t yielded increase but you kept on doing it for the fun of it. Don’t worry the more fun you have the more closer you are to your success.

Get yourself acquainted with that thing you enjoy most, and in no time, people will come asking how you derive fun and satisfaction in what they see as a difficult task.

At times, some people give up easily since they can’t endure it or better still because they don’t derive pleasure in what they do and that’s because they followed and copied those making it.

Catch fun and be successful with whatever makes you happy.

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