Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

Days ago, I was gifted a piece of chewing gum by a new friend, I thankfully unwrapped the gum and straight it went into my mouth.

While chewing it judiciously

, I felt pained, then I realised I had bitten my lip (inner part). Well as if I cared, I continued chewing the gum and again I bit myself on the same spot. Hehehe! I told the gum it was only joking because I won’t throw it away until it fulfill it course (as if we signed a contract).

Oh my God! I bit myself again still on the same spot just that this time, I tasted and spit out blood. Hmmmn! You this gum, you won’t go anywhere o! I battled words with the gum!
Anyways, I continued my adventure of discovering what the gum was up to.

Atlas! It came again, pim! I was at it again! Still on the same spot with more blood and injury. I finally gave up the fight and allowed the gum out of my mouth when it was already too late. I bit myself four consecutive times before I finally realized what I was up to.

Would I have died if I had thrown away the gum after the first bite? No, but I thought I was wise that I could successfully manage the gum without biting myself again. How foolish I was in my thinking.

How many times do you find yourself in such a situation I found myself? Sin seem very sweet that you will relinquish everything (including the love and death of Christ) just to enjoy it or let me say you endure it because sin comes with pains.
However, you fail to understand that sin comes with pains that you are likely to ignore at first.
Despite all the warning signals you received, you are still tempted to return to it just because you think you are enjoying it, whereas in the actual sense of it, you are harming yourself and destroying your life bit by bit.

I was once in your shoes thank God grace found me before it was too late, so trust me when I say I know what you go through committing that secret sin.

Moreover, many are fond of relaxing and enjoying their sinful state without thinking of the hazards involved until it leads to an irreparable stigma. The stigma is the outcome of your secret sin, then men would see and know who you are and what you have been doing in the secret especially when what you have been portraying differs from this.

Remember my story, it took me four painful cuts to realize I had to let go of the unfruitful mouth exercise I was involved with. I got a swollen lip as a result of this, that’s the stigma because people asked me questions of what happened to my lip.

Don’t linger in your sin because the stigma might be too much for you to bear. For those that have realized their state, confess and forsake your sins and please cry out to God in humility of heart and He will hear and heal you.

It is a sin to live a double life
Quit hypocritical life

Self Inflicted Injury
Live for God!


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