Written by Edet Crownofglory

I once sent my brother to get salt for me from the kitchen, he went and came back twice without the salt. All he said was he couldn’t find it. I had to explain

to him that the salt isn’t in it normal container but in a white nylon, he went and came back with the salt.

I guess you know why he didn’t see it initially. It’s because the salt wasn’t in the usual container he is familiar with, hence, he missed it.

Sometime ago, I watched a beautiful Christian movie

titled “The Final Contest“. It is an interesting movie that involves a lot of emotional tussle. In a nutshell, it’s about a brother who was very sure he was being led to a beautiful chorister in his church. The sister turned him down, as she claimed his dressing was very awkward and that he stunk.

The funny brother asked the sister to join him in prayer as he wants to ask the holy spirit for utterance on how best to present his proposal.

Well, right outside the sister’s gate, he prayed for few minutes (as he thought), only for him to open his eyes after two hours to discover that the sister was no longer there, he was disappointed.

On the part of the sister, she didn’t bother to pray at all as she outrightly turned the brother down because of his outward appearance. She forgot the fact that ‘not all that glitters is gold’.

However, with the help of his pastor, the brother took a message out of the mess character of the sister, because she didn’t stop maltreating the him.

It took the brother seven (7) good and solid years to find his bearing. He eventually transformed from the poor, old and haggard looking ‘container’ with poor dressing, poor education, bad intonation to a beautiful and refined container with lots of packaging. He upgraded himself in all areas including his singing ministry.


It was kind of late when it dawned on the sister that that local brother was actually the will of God in marriage for her. She searched and searched for the brother but her searches were fruitless.


Do you know what? She was looking for the old and usual container like my brother was.


Alas! She saw the brother but couldn’t recognize him at a glance and when she eventually did, she reverend the brother. Every statement from her included ‘sir’, OMG! My head is swelling.


My message is, don’t be deceived or rather don’t deceive yourself.
The fact that God speaks to you through dreams doesn’t mean He can’t speak to you through love for your WOG (Will of God).


Dear brothers and sisters, don’t be static! It mustn’t always be the same old way/thing that we are familiar with or used to. Please give room for change, be flexible, be attentive, be receptive and allow God to lead you expressly without restrictions from your end. Trust Him because He can’t lead you astray.


(i). Don’t judge the physical look of the brother/sister, allow the Spirit of God to show you the salt in his/her container. Mind you, no gold is beautiful until it is refined.


(ii). Don’t maltreat any brother even if you don’t like them. Be polite when you turn down their proposals because it’s not easy to deal with rejections. Even when they prove stubborn or when they persist, be persistent with your negative response please. Don’t give them false hopes.


(iii). Brothers please upgrade yourselves before making that proposal because you might not like the outcome of it. I am not saying you should go out of your way, all I’m saying is that you should present yourself as a priceless jewel and you won’t be maltreated even when the answer is a ‘No’.


(iv). Everything doesn’t have to be spiritual nah! Why will someone pray for 2 solid hours all to get utterance from the Holy Spirit right before the sister, ahn ahn! Be romantic jor!


(v). To crown it all, the brother in that movie represented Jesus, no matter the number of times we turned down the Saviour, His love is unconditional and His love remains No. 1 over every other thing. The brother held on to love despite the maltreatment he got from the sister.

Same way Jesus still welcomes us whenever we run back to Him despite having turned Him down countless times.


Remember God is the epitome of love, find Him and you’ll find love.

Thank you for reading through this lengthy epistle, first of its kind from me. Well, I’m glad to inform you that I’m actually in love with Christ and I’ll soon send you an invite!

Be patient!

8 Replies to “I am in Love 😜

  1. Everything doesn’t have to be spiritual nah! Why will someone pray for 2 solid hours all to get utterance from the Holy Spirit right before the sister, ahn ahn! Be romantic jor!

    This got me laughing. It’s true though some brothers are just too spiritual
    The write up also reminds me of a movie title *GBEMI*

    Nice lessons learnt
    More ink to your pen ma

  2. Wow this article is mind blowing
    Final contest it’s a movie every single ladies must watch,it’s eye opener…..watch it and be blessed

    Thanks for this message ma’am,more ink to your pen

  3. Great message embedded in this write up.
    I smiled while reading through thoughπŸ˜€.

    Thanks for sharing this maπŸ™

  4. A wonderful writeup here…be flexible nd open…God still leads,is a matter of timing….i love d word not all dt gliyters is gold,hmmmm,a deep word….

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