Edet Crownofglory

I was jejely minding my business when I heard someone saying a word of prayer. Then I listened attentively to what the little girl was saying, she was actually calling upon God to help her. She was playing a game popularly known

as ‘Suwe’, she was at the final lapse so she called on God to help her throw the little piece of slate in her hand into the right place. (Can you beat that?)

After the prayer, she threw the slate and behold it went straight to where she had anticipated it to be.
When this happened, she remembered God again. She said ‘thank you God for not putting me to shame’.
I was amazed at her behaviour, she knew and understood the place of God, not only that, she also appreciated God when she got what she wanted.

Here is a pointer to two things:
(1) Trust God with everything!
(2) Learn to appreciate Him before and when He finally answers your prayers.

How many of us are like this little girl?
Do you really know how to trust God let alone depending on Him for the minutest miracle. We segregate what and what we need to call on God for and struggle with the other ones we believe He doesn’t have a say in.
Oh poor you!

Do you know God is actually happy whenever you trust Him?
Do you know He will never disappoint you because He knows you always trust Him?
He is equally happy when you return to acknowledge and appreciate what He has done.

Learn to trust God with everything and He will arise and intervene in your case even before you call on Him.
Appreciate Him with all sincerity of heart and He will do more. Remember we were created to show forth His glory, He lives in the praises of His people.


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