Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

Hey, You!

The fact that others are going through that direction
doesn’t mean you should follow sooth.
If you open your eyes clearly,
you would see that the path is scary,
because its filled

with all manners of dirt,
by implication it is not meant for you
because you are special.

Endeavour to stand out!
Your Creator created you in a unique way.
Refrain yourself from doing what others are doing
except you have a leading from Your Creator to do so.

You never can tell where that path would lead you to.
You need not to depend on your earthly wisdom,
hence, you need to ask God
what path would befit you,
so you might walk in it and be great.
‘Earthly wisdom profits nothing’ says the Holy Book.

Did I hear you say ‘That’s the trending style’?
So what?
Would you say its in vogue?
Oh no!
It’s trending doesn’t mean it is meant for everyone.
Its in vogue doesn’t mean you should show us your nakedness!

Remember the Bible says ‘don’t follow multitude to do evil’.
Do things differently because God created you
for a different purpose.
Mind you, You are You and not ‘them or all of you’

Therefore stop following the multitude to do evil…

A word is enough for the wise!

Be wise!

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