Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

Have you ever thought of asking questions?

Ask questions whenever you do not understand something.

Often times, when I go into the bank hall or at the ATM stand or some other places that involves crowd, I do see long

queues which I’ll just decide to join without asking questions.

At times, without much ado, I’ll join the queue probably out of shyness or for fear of being damned, only to later discover that their reasons for queuing is quite different from mine.
So many times, I had wasted precious time because I refused to do the needful. My dear ask questions!

One day, I would have murdered my precious time again at the INEC registration center if I didn’t ask questions. I walked into the local government and saw some people on a long queue while others hanged around.

However, on this particular day, I decided to dump shyness by taking a bold step. So I walked up to the lady in charge despite the fact that people were telling me to queue behind them but I ignored them and asked questions from the lady.

Wow! It only took me about 30 minutes to be through with what I went there for, I was excited! I felt it was good to ask questions, I thanked God that I asked questions.

Little wonder an adage in Yoruba language states that ‘eni ti o ba beère ona, ko ni sónu‘, meaning ‘he who asks for directions never misses his way‘.

Mind you, that’s only if he asks directions from the right person who is very conversant with the route.

Dear friend, what path are you taking on this journey of life or what decisions do you make without asking questions. And who are those you ask questions from?

An Advice!
The only person you can ask questions about your life journey is God because He knows all the routes in life, hence, there’s no way you would miss your way.

Moreover, He will answer you truthfully because He is the right path. Jesus says ‘I am the WAY…’ If you ask Him (The Way) about your journey, He will clarify everything to you.

He created you, therefore, He knows which route will land you safely at your destination.
It is better to ask Him now before it is too late. Be sure you are on the right path, don’t throng along with others on the path that is not yours.

Make the Holy Spirit you friend and you will never regret that decision.

Don’t chase shadows, be sure you are after the real thing.

May God direct you as you ask Him questions in Jesus name.

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