Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

I have come to realise that your shoes determine your speed and how far you’ll go in life.

A: There are times that you would put on a shoe that will enable you to walk briskly and smartly, the shoes will be so firm on your feet that you

might even forget you have an attachment on your feet.

B: While on the other hand, some shoes might be a little bigger than your feet or smaller than your feet.

Juxtapose these two scenarios and imagine which of the two would you like to fall into?

What am I driving at? What your shoe is to your feet is what you are in life circumstances or issues of life.

There are some circumstances that demands your patience and adaptability just like the smaller shoe while some other circumstances demands your urgency and effectiveness like the bigger shoe.

However, in whichever circumstance you find yourself, always take note of the fact that you need to thread on the paths with divine leading, that is only when you are doing the right thing.

My point is, in whichever of the two or three shoes you find yourself, it is important to know which of them God is leading you to. The shoes might be beautiful but then they might not be yours, so also the path you want to thread might be smooth and easy but it may not be yours to take neither would it take you to your destination.

This means the shoe that isn’t yours won’t fit you perfectly vice versa the one that is yours.

Be wise and ask the Maker of the shoes the one that perfectly befits you.

In conclusion: Caution and Wisdom is needed because at times God gives you bigger shoes so He could see how wise you are and how well you could manage whatever shoe/situation you find yourself well.
Even if your shoe/situation is bigger than you, look out for the positive side of it and why it is given to you at such a time like that.

On the other hand some people give out their shoes to people and end up wearing a flabby one when its gets widen by the person.

Whether your shoes/circumstances are bigger or not, ask why the shoes were given to you in the first place.

Note: Hardship leads to treasure!
A life without challenges will not result to greatness because there is no testimony without a test.

A word is enough for the wise, so be wise!.

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