Written by Edet Crownofglory

I once put on a beautiful sandal to church, it was a sandal I loved so much. However, I was feeling

uncomfortable just because I didn’t place the stripe of the sandal properly.

No wonder an adage says: it is the person that wears a shoe that knows where it pinches.

When I could no longer bear it, I pleaded with my Goddaughter to help me adjust the stripe and place it properly. Thereafter I experienced comfort.

Moral Lesson: you have the right to your destiny; we tend to relax while in our discomfort, not caring to find out what causes the pain and neither do we care about the proffered solutions to the pain we feel.

Hence, don’t manage your problems, don’t be comfortable even in pain, rather, look for instant solutions, cures or remedies to them. Have you heard of Suffering and Smiling

Don’t allow your problems to be complicated before you begin to run helter – skelter.


Some times ago, I went to the water container to take water for my bath, I got there and took some jugs of water and left for the bathroom.

Getting to the bathroom, I realized I took too little water than can bathe. “What? Was I sleeping?” I asked myself.

This immediately turned me to a calculator, I started stressing my brains by calculating when to pour water and when not, thereby I became a water economist till i was through with my bath; and that’s by my making.

Hence, I realized that in whatever I do in life,I should navigate my way so well through the help of the Holy Ghost because God has made provision for them all. Then it taught me that I am the architect of my own life and future.

So many times, we have missed out of God’s treasures which He has promised us from time immemorial. However, God has given us the liberty to choose from His wealth of abundance but out of or because of our impatience and at times anger, we take just a minute out of His provision.

We are too lazy to take our time and be patient enough to take the whole lot of what He has provided for us, hence, we take a bit and turn our backs as if that’s gonna sustain us. Oh no!

When He decides to attend to us and surprises us through His mercies, we think it is by our prayer, when we aren’t really doing what He expects us to do.

God also has abundance of gift in stock for us but most of the time when we luckily get one, we stick to it like a gum would do a paper. Whereas we have access to almost all, if only we can be patient and humble ourselves to do the needful.

May God help us to tap patiently from His wealth of resources in Jesus name.

A word is enough for the wise.

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