Written by Crownofglory

According to the Arcus dictionary, a touch is having a physical contact with someone or something or having an effect upon someone.

Something amazing happened

on the eve of my birthday that gave me a prayer point.

I was about to bake a cake🎂

with my friend late into the night, and then, God favoured me with light from the PHCN but I had a problem, though the whole compound was well illuminated, however, the outside and the corridor bulbs 🔮 weren’t functioning.

I met with my younger brother who is an electrician. I told him my predicament, then I said he should get a stool and just touch the bulbs that I believe they would light. At first, he didn’t answer me but after much pressure and persuasions, he finally agreed but with a condition.

The condition is that “You have to buy another bulb”
“What🤷‍♀?” I exclaimed. Then I told him again that I just wanted him to touch the bulbs that they would light (I don’t know where I got the confidence 🦹‍♀ either).

Being a stubborn being 😚, he didn’t agree until I buy another bulb. Therefore, I went in to take money, fortunately my mum shew me an old bulb.

I took the bulb and went outside, I shew the bulb to him, he was amazed at the space at which I got the bulb. I didn’t say much, I handed the bulb to him and he got a stool.

When he climbed the stool, he stretched his hands toward the bulb and made to change it. All of a sudden, the bulb lighted. We were amazed.

He went to the second one and gave it a touch, and it also lighted. “This is interesting!” I exclaimed.

I told him where I got the bulb and asked him what would have happened if I had bought the bulb, he said I would have kept it.

Ponder on these few words from the Lord:
All you need from the Lord might be just ‘a touch’ and your life will get back to bouncing afresh, don’t be depressed, your life is too valuable to be joked with.

Hence, you need to pray to the Lord for His touch.
Tell everything to the Lord in prayer, He knows all about the touches you need but He is waiting to see if you really do know what you need. Make that move today and your life will never remain the same.

All you need at times might just be a prayer point, and the touch will come. Don’t forget that the Holy Spirit is ever near but you must stretch forth your hands to invite and welcome him before He fellowships 🤝 with you.

At other times, your business might just need a little financial touch and it will come back booming, hence, don’t give up.

That child or friend of yours you think is not worth it or you think he can’t make it in life might only need a touch from you. Your touch might be love🥰, care, money, words of encouragement, smile😬, admonition e.t.c.

Dial📞 His Number today and see/feel His touch. He never disappoints His children because He loves everyone equally.

Receive His touch in Jesus name! Amen

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