When I think about the dirty place I use to be and where God has brought me from I wonder o why?

What type of love is this He has bestowed

on me, He’s awake while I’m sleeping watching over my soul.

I’ll sing to You a new song as long as I live, You are worthy to be praised my Lord and my God, You are my light and my sunshine, my hope and my life, You are the reason why I’m living, thank you my Lord.

To my Father: All adoration goes to the Most High God who has been so faithful unto me by making me to see and witness another phase of my life.

To my One N Only wonderful mother: thank you very much for the pain you bore twenty something years ago to bring me to this world. God bless and elongate your life in Jesus name, may you live long to reap the fruits of your hard labour.

To my friends: thanks for being part of my life, I’m happy and lucky to have you.

To my future husband: I thank God for taking time to mould me for you. I’m happy to be your chosen partner.

Little wonder a girl called me and said “Aunty Glory, your life amazes people because they can’t believe you can get to where you are today” and I replied her and said: I don’t believe it my self but all I know is my life will continue to be a testimony that will amaze people and draw others to Christ.

I’m grateful oh Lord!!!

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