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What is actually the meaning of Valentine?

Valentine’s day is actually one of the modern day festivities that

millions of people celebrate all over the world.


Well, they said February 14 is all about Valentine, right?
They also said its actually a day to show/express love to people you love, be it in any relationship.


My dear, Love is not something left to be expressed on a specific day, I say No! It shouldn’t be!


Besides you can’t love yourself or anyone if you don’t love God first. That’s the fact!


Where there is God, love is bound to be present and God doesn’t love us occasionally. Am I right?

I hope you understand what I mean.


God doesn’t wait till February 14 before He blesses, loves, favours us.

Get that straight, please!


In essence, if you love someone, then, you should express/celebrate your love for that person everyday, especially your mum! Don’t wait till it’s valentine’s day before you show love to that wonderful woman.


By the way, young boys and girls, I wasn’t really talking to you because I expect you to shut your eyes and ears to Valentine.

Okay, let me enlighten you on that.


Ehn! Ehn! Don’t be carried away by all the paparazzi of painting the town red that you hear all about, they are all lies from the pit of hell.


Oh my God! I even heard some people do buy special wears especially lingerie specifically for that day. Like seriously? What are the wears for? If I may ask!


Hey! Come on! Don’t sell your destiny!


To be frank and honest with you young people, stay away from Valentine because you don’t need whatever doesn’t add value to you.

Never mind the gift they promised you, it’s only for a short while, hence, don’t be carried away.


Do not allow anybody to take away your value, dignity and destiny by touching and smooching you, else they’ll leave you with next to nothing.


My Advice:

Adults celebrate love everyday! Mind you, with the right people.

Youths (boys and girls): stay away COMPLETELY from Valentine, do away with the specialty of February 14 because there is nothing really special about February 14 except for those celebrating their birthday!

Take Heed!

Remember, Jesus loves us so much and He shows His love to us on daily basis, therefore, show love everyday!


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